‘Hotancold’ joins Spacestation Gaming as their 5th player, replacing Canadian

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
2 Min Read
Image: DarkZero Esports

Spacestation Gaming has finally revealed their highly-anticipated fifth player for their Rainbow Six Siege roster, and it is going to be Matthew “Hotancold” Stevens.

With Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski stepping down from Spacestation Gaming for good after his short return for the Six Invitational 2021, the North American organization has finally signed a permanent fifth player.

This move will let Luke “Luke” Slota, who was standing in for Canadian, shift to his main position as an analyst. And with DarkZero’s veteran ‘Hotancold‘ joining the team, SSG will receive a huge boost for NAL stage 2.

Hotancold first joined this roster back in Season 3 of the Pro League, when the team was just called the ‘FlipSid3 Tactics’. He remained in the team as they changed organization to ‘SK gaming’, and then finally to ‘DarkZero Esports’.

While DarkZero always performed well, they just couldn’t become tournament champions, which led to the decision for a roster revamp. After leaving DZ, Hotancold joined Mirage, where he had a stellar performance in stage 1, helping the team get a third-place finish. Mirage has now replaced Hotancold with QrTz ahead of Stage 2.

Image: SiegeGG

SSG didn’t specify Hotancold’s role in their Siege roster yet, so we’ll have to tune in on June 15th to see the team in action against Soniqs.

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