Horizon Forbidden West: How to Use the Pullcaster

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Pullcaster can be a handy item to use in the game.

Horizon Forbidden West offers different kinds of weapons you can use in the game. Ranging from Bows to traps, all offer an additional edge in battles. Apart from weapons, Aloy will be able to use tools in the beautiful world of Horizon Forbidden West. You can use these tools to solve puzzles scattered across the map. In fact, players can sometimes find it challenging to understand how to use a tool. So, below we have made a complete guide on using the Pullcaster.

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How To Use The Pullcaster

Players will obtain Pullcaster early on in the game, and it will allow you to get access to different kinds of places. You will use The Pullcaster mainly for two things, and it can act as a device that will help you climb and as a grappling hook. To climb first, players will have to perform a double jump. At the same time, while you are midair, aim where you want to go towards, and just press X to pull yourself to the ledge.

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The Pullcaster can be very useful to climb great heights at a very efficient rate. Moreover, it can also act as a grappling hook to get you things. When you aim after you press L2, switch to your Pullcaster by pressing triangle. After that, you will see a circle icon and aim it to what you want to pull towards you. Moreover, you can pull Treasure Chest, break blocked areas, and pull all kinds of items towards you using it.

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