Horizon Forbidden West: All Main Story Missions List and Activities

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Here is everything you can do in the game.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now, and it’s time to go jump back in one of the best single-player game series of all time. Its successor, Horizon Zero Dawn, was not only known for its Open-World but its immersive gameplay and Story. This time Guerrilla Games is back with more to explore and a new story to unfold. Moreover, below we have made a complete list of all the Story missions and activities in Horizon Forbidden West.

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All The Main Story Missions List and Activities

Every Open-World game has different things to do apart from just the main storyline. Like every other Open-World game, you can do various activities in Horizon Forbidden West. Finishing just the Main Story Missions will take around 20-25 hours of gameplay. However, the game offers you about 100 hours of gameplay to complete everything.

All Main Story Missions

There are 17 main missions in the Horizon Forbidden West which will take you around the beautiful world of the new Horizon, exploring each corner of this game. Below you can check out the complete list of missions along with the required level to complete them:

MissionsRequired Level
Reach For The StarsLevel 3
The Point Of The LanceLevel 4
To The BrinkLevel 5
The EmbassyLevel 7
Death’s DoorLevel 10
The Dying LandsLevel 15
The Broken SkyLevel 17
The Eye Of The EarthLevel 17
The KulrutLevel 18
Cradle Of EchoesLevel 20
The Sea Of SandsLevel 22
Seeds Of The PastLevel 24
Faro’s TombLevel 26
Gemini Level 30
All That RemainsLevel 31
The Wings Of The TenLevel 32
Singularity Level 35

All Activities To Do

There is much to do after you finish with the game story, so don’t give up on the game just yet. There are tones of Sides quests as you see a green exclamation mark on any NPC. Players can also go on missions for merchants as a Salvage Contractor in the game. Moreover, if you prefer a little challenge, you could do the Hunting Grounds and Melee Pits challenges.

There are essential items like Cauldrons you can also choose to collect, which will help you mount on different kinds of machines. Furthermore, when you are exploring the vast world of Horizon Forbidden West, remember to keep a lookout for Tallenecks. These non-hostile machines will reveal everything on a map in a particular area.

Horizon Forbidden West will give you access to fun mini-games like Mount Races and Machine Strike. Players can also choose to go on Rebel Camps and liberate them. Finally, you can explore Relic Ruins to get Ornaments XP as rewards and solve puzzles to get a vision about the past known as Vista Points.

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