Horizon Forbidden West: How To Get The Cradle Of Echoes Code

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We have you covered if you are confused about the Cradle of Echoes Code.

Horizon Forbidden West will take you to different places and make you do all kinds of activities. These activities will include defeating enemies, solving puzzles, or even chasing after a trail. Players might find themselves in a pickle on the 10th Main Quest Cradle of Echoes. Moreover, if you are confused about the Cradle of Echoes missions, check out the guide below.

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How to Get The Cradle Of Echoes Code

On the 10th Main Story Mission, “Cradle of Echoes,” players will have to go to an ancient facility. During the mission, you will need to input code to open a container. You can easily miss this code if you don’t search the entire facility. The code is the same for all players, meaning you can insert this code and move to the next part of the story.

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Along with Varl and Erend, you will investigate a signal where you will get to watch a fight rather than take part in it. Moreover, players will find out they were fighting to find an asset in the mountain. After you get inside the mountain, you will come across a panel where you will need to input a code.

This part can be confusing as there are 237 containers. However, upon exploring the facility, you will find evidence of 236 containers, but one is hidden. In fact, the voice in the panel will also tell you that there are 236 containers and which one you would like to see. After you input code 237 on the panel, the story will progress further, and you will be able to finish the mission.

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