Hogwarts Legacy: How to Use Moonstones

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Hogwarts Legacy has a room where you can decorate and do various things. Moonstones are necessary to use in this room. Here is how you can use Moonstones in the game.

Hogwarts Legacys aims to deliver all the experiences of being a Hogwarts student. Be it a good study session, or an adventure into the wild, the game excels at it. All can be done in this game, from choosing your wand to customizing your outfit and room.

Speaking of customization, the room of requirement is a room that can be customized as per your need in the game. It will unlock as you progress through the story. This is where the moonstones come in. You can use your moonstones in this room for various things. Here is how you can use moonstones in the game.

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How to Get and Use Moonstones

Moonstones are the resources for everything in the room of requirement. Despite the name, it isn’t actually originated from the moon. You can gather moonstones in the wild by breaking moonstone deposits. They are blue in color and have a magical aura to them.

Moonstones are the resources you need to conjure items in your room of requirement. Use the conjuring spell and click on furniture to see how many moonstones it needs to conjure that furniture into the room. If you have enough moonstones, you can go ahead and conjure the item in the room.

When the room of requirement first unlocks, there will be some basic decorations in the room. If you are running low on Moonstones, you can use Evanesco to clear these decorations in the room. Doing so will give you some of the moonstones back.

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