Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Spider Fang

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Maxima Potion is a vital Potion to boost your strength in battles with enemies, and this particular Potion is made with Spider Fand. This guide will show you how to get Spider Fang in Hogwarts Legacy.

You can spend your life as a wizard or witch in the Hogwarts universe in Hogwarts Legacy. Among many others, you can travel to well-known locations like Dragon Alley and the Forbidden Forest. You can adjust any other details and the gender of your character as you see fit. Players can access otherworldly friends, including Mooncalves, Trolls, and Dragons. You will also get to create magical Potions with various creative items such as Spider Fangs, Dittany Leaves, Fluxweed Stem, and much more.

Spider Fand is one of the rarest and one of the most special items in Hogwarts Legacy to create Potions in the Potis Station. You will need the Potion made of Spider Fand in heavy combats to boost your skill and power. The Spider Fang made Potion’s name is Maxima Potion. It is very easy to make, but there are certain steps to find the Spider Fang to make the Potion.

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How To Get Spider Fang

To get Spider Fang in Hogwarts Leacy, you may follow the steps below:

Visit Forbidden Forest

While you play the Main Storyline, Shadow of the Mountain, you may visit the Forbidden Forest. And once you arrive there, you will encounter a place with Spider symbols. That area is filled with horrendous spiders willing to attack you at any moment.

Fight Off The Spiders

Once the spiders start to attack you, you may counterattack them and deal damage heavily. In this way, the spiders will drop Spider Fangs; you may move fast and collect all the Spider Fangs while you fight.

You can also buy Spider Fang from J. Pippin’s Potions Shop at Hogsmeade for 50 Coins each, and you can also buy the Maxima Potion Recipe for 500 Gold after you have gathered enough Spider Fang to make this Potion.

There are more types of Potions, such as Thunderbrew Potion, Felix Felicis, Invisibility Potion, Edurus, etc., which are also made from items like Leech Juice, Mongrel Furr, Lacewing Flies, and much more!

That’s all about how to get Spider Fang in Hogwarts Legacy.

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