Hogwarts Legacy: How to Change Difficulty

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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Change Difficulty

Changio-Diffico! And that is how you change the difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy.

Starting Hogwarts from the Fifth-year is no small talk. Hence, it will have an overall effect on your gameplay. Well, that is what Professor Cuthbert thinks of you (he teaches the history of magic). He also implies that the more you advance through the magic, the more it gets into you, the more it gets tough to handle, and the more you get submerged in making tough decisions.

Well, Professor is not half wrong. You will find several formidable foes throughout the game. There will be goblins, trolls, and the wizards of Waverly Place to wizards of Oz might even show up, who knows. That means you have to be wise in choosing the difficulty mode in Hogwarts Legacy.

However, it’s not like that you won’t be able to change it in the midgame. Of course, you can. How else are you gonna enjoy the rest? Moreover, there is not even the slightest complication to change the difficulty level in Hogwarts Legacy. After all, you bought the game and have the full right to enjoy every last bit.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the process of changing the difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy.

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All Difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy

Before we jump to a conclusion, let’s go through all the difficulty modes in Hogwarts Legacy.

So basically, what you’ll get is Four difficulty modes; Story, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each of these modes has a different story to tell. In general, these are mostly like the other RPG difficulty modes we see from time to time.

  • Story: You bought this game for a reason. You want to fly around with your pet Hippogriff (even though they are quite hard to tame) and search for century-old lost items, relics, and much more. You see goblins? Well, that should be the least of your worries.
  • Easy: You have free time, but you have other works to do as well. You want to play like you do not have to care what challenges are being thrown at you. Say it the foes, puzzles and lot other kinds of stuff, you just, do not care, at all.
  • Normal: Things start to get spicy. You cast Levioso, and they cast Accio against you. Now, that is what I call a challenge. You might have a hard time breathing, but you will get to taste what it feels like to taste true victory.
  • Hard: Everyone just wants to get rid of you. You do not belong here. Puzzles are more challenging than ever, and the goblins are at the level of Dark Lord. Either you stay in the safe bubble or get banished from this realm in an instance. I guess that happens when you miss your GED courses like, Herbology.

How to Change Difficulty?

At the start of the game, you can set your own difficulty from there. By default, the in-game mechanics will set it to Normal mode. However, you can change to any level you want in the mid-game if something feels itchy.

All you have to do is, head for the Gameplay Options. You will find it under the Settings tab. From there, you can jump into any difficulty mode you fancy.

After all, you are the one playing the game, not me. And that is all I had for changing difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy. Cheers, mate!

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