Hogwarts Legacy: Which House Has The Best Common Room?

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Hogwarts Legacy: Which House Has The Best Common Room?

Want to know the best common room in Hogwarts Legacy? You are in the right-est place to find out about that.

After quite a long haul, a lot of controversies, and a lot of side-talks, Hogwarts finally opened up their admission. However, this year, a rare incident is about to happen. A student will be directly admitted to Fifth-year. Well, someone else’s wand is weaving behind him for sure. And this character will be our main protagonist in Hogwarts Legacy.

Together, we will advent throughout a massive open world that was never seen before. Only because you now have a wand to cast spells and a magical broom to fly around with some magical creatures.

At the very beginning of the game, you will be given a choice to join any of the Houses you fancy. Keep note that each of the Houses has its own legacy, own stardom, and, specifically, own common room. And yes, these are different from one another. And that is what we will be discussing here today.

Without further ado, let’s find out the best common room to hang out in after a whole day of learning charms against the Dark Arts of Waverly Place in Hogwarts Legacy.

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The Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Before we jump into the conclusion, let me sit in the neutral zone for a minute and point out the features of each of these rooms. Later on, you will surely be surprised to know the best common room is not where you think it is from. Hang on.

However, remain calm that you will surely be able to visit other common rooms whenever you want as the Houses are connected to one another. Now, where were we?

House Gryffindor Common Room

gryffindor common room hogwarts legacy
Credit: Hogwarts Legacy @HogwartsLegacy

Ah yes, without a doubt, the fan-favorite and should be the most popular House to be settled. However, is the common room best as well?

The red curtains on the wall hold the century-old legacy of the Gryffindor House. Moreover, the Red suits the ambiance. It gives off that Royal feeling. To keep up with that, no wonder why the peeps from Gryffindor are tagged as the most elegant in their manners.

Moreover, the common room is a very well-lighted area. The overall living room vibe comes mostly from this warm ambiance. To talk about warmth, fireplaces frequently pop up here and there. You can have a cookie and have a little chit-chat with the paintings on the wall if you do not have any other plans for this Valentine’s.

House Ravenclaw Common Room

ravenclaw common room hogwarts legacy
Credit: Hogwarts Legacy @HogwartsLegacy

House Ravenclaw gives off a minimalist-looking vibe. If you are a bibliophile, without a doubt, you will surely be wanting to be a part of Ravenclaw.

House Ravenclaw is full of geeks. The place reminds us modernist aesthetic that runs parallelly with a bit of coziness. The books, the art, and the telescope are hanging out here and there like they want to be interacted with a genius mind. The bluish purple perfectly gets merges with the vastness of the endless sky. Needless to say, you can dream big here.

House Slytherin Common Room

slytherin common room hogwarts legacy
Credit: Hogwarts Legacy @HogwartsLegacy

The Slytherins are cunning, ambitious, and want power. Some want the absolute power and want tyranny. But the one who knows to control the power knows his way around the best, even among the others at Hogwarts.

We have known Slytherin for way too long. The books and the movies portray House Slytherin with the most negative vibe out there. Quite obvious that the game would follow the same way around here as well.

There are dungeons, lots of dungeons. The rooms are not very well-lit, and the ambiance is quite cold. Overall, the place is gloomy, like the peeps. You will find people planning on overthrowing the existing government and people trying to hold themselves for the greater good.

What I find most attractive is the murals on the wall. It seems like the whole Victorian era is fetched on these walls. The bluish vibe is embedded quite well with the dark green and will make you feel you are underwater.

House Hufflepuff Common Room

hufflepuff common room hogwarts legacy
Credit: Hogwarts Legacy @HogwartsLegacy

House Hufflepuff is like the fourth kangaroo in her mother’s bag, the most neglected one.

This House is the perfect place for the ones that want to merge with the nature. And without a doubt, mother nature will provide them with the finest. Plants here and there, flowers blooming or about to bloom, are the most common scenario in House Hufflepuff. The common room is mostly engraved with plants hanging from the roof to give you the vibe of wanting you to feel them, submerged with them.

The thing to notice is the architecture around the House, especially in the common room. The use of wood has been given the priority here. Quite obvious, isn’t it? As if you can almost smell like that woody, earthly, green meadow-y smell.

Best Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

.Beating drum… It is the mighty Eagles that represent a Raven. Yes, the Ravenclaws, without a doubt, has the most beautiful looking and the best common room to be in after a long haul. The vastness, the dreaminess, and the coziness are all you want, after all. With a book, you can sit under the large skyview window and grab the telescope in the meantime.

And this is all I had for the best common room in Hogwarts Legacy. Up until next time, cheerio!

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