Hogwarts Legacy: All Professor Weasley Truth Outcomes – Should You Tell Professor Weasley the Truth?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Like, you will face Natty and Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy about Truth Choices, and you will also have to face Professor Weasley about Truth Outcomes. Players have to choose if they want to tell the truth or not. This guide will show you that.

In addition to having the opportunity to play as a wizard or witch in Hogwarts Legacy and flying with Brooms, you can make great companions from other Houses, like; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. You will also get to do classes in the Hogwarts Academics and learn Spells and different skills from Professors.

One of the professors is Weasley. When you complete the Welcome To Hogwarts quest, you will be given some Truth Choices before Professor Weasley. Now you will decide to choose your answer in the game.

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All Professor Weasley Truth Choices & Outcomes

There will be two Truth Choices that you will have to choose from.

The first Truth Choice is “There is.“. If you choose this answer, you will tell Professor Weasley that you and Professor Fig have gone to see the ruins. It will be news for Professor Weasley as she thinks that Fig never keeps anything from her a secret.

The second Truth Choice is “I’m afraid there isn’t.” If you choose the 2nd Truth Choice, you will tell Professor Weasley that nothing astonishing occurred while you were coming to Hogwarts. It is a lie, but Professor Weasley will not doubt you or Professor Fig.

No matter your choice, the answer or the outcome won’t affect your relationship with Professor Weasley. If you choose 1st answer, Professor Weasley will doubt Professor Fig, but she will understand there must be a reason for keeping the exploration topic secret. She will tell herself that you or Professor Fig do not need to tell everything to her. You can make any choice as it won’t affect your game.

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