Hogwarts Legacy: All Plants and Their Effects

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Here are all the Plants in Hogwarts Legacy.

Even though the world of Hogwarts Legacy is beautiful, it is filled with deadly monsters and enemies you must deal with. To do that, Hogwarts Legacy has many different spells, traits, potions, and gears, and each player can make up their playstyle of handling enemies. Each situation can be handled differently depending on the type of moves and spells you can use.

Talking about combat, another item that makes up a good part of combat is different types of plants. Like everything else in Hogwarts Legacy, the use of plants here is also unique. You can use them to heal yourself, upgrade your gear, and brew potions. Moreover, plants in Hogwarts Legacy can be used as throwables! Yup, you read it right.

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with these plants, each with its own unique attributes. You can collect them as you travel across the world of Hogwarts and explore their beauty. Lastly, we have listed all the pants, how to get them, and what they do in Hogwarts Legacy below.

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All Plants and their effects in Hogwarts Legacy

Eight different plants have been included in the game for now. You can travel across the game and collect them. But if you are not a big fan of exploring, Hogwarts Legacy also consists of the ability to grow and use your plants.

However, the question arises how do you plant them?

How to grow Plants

Well, all you have to do is get a Potting table from the Tomes and Scrolls shop, attend the Herbology lessons, and you are good to go. Once you have to the potting table, go to the Dogweed, Deathcap, or Magic Neep to get seeds of each plant. Now head to the Room of Requirement and put your harvesting boots on, and it’s time to be a farmer.

Hogwarts Legacy Plants
credit: Portkey Games

After you plant them, you will have to wait several minutes before the plant is ready to harvest. Each plant has a different timer, so plant all the ones you need to use before a battle. You can also increase the crop produced by buying a Fertilizer from The Magic Neep.

All Plants, their seed prices, and details

Now that you know what plants are in the game, how you can grow them, and how you can use them. You can check out the complete list of all the plants below, along with their seed prices and plant effects:

NameDetailsWhere to Buy Seed/PlantCost of Seed/Plant
Chinese Chomping CabbageIt might look like an ordinary Vegetable you can make soup of, but in Hogwarts Legacy, it is a ferocious plant with super sharp teeth and large leaves it uses to move around and crew down everything it attacks to bits. Once you release the Chinese Chomping Cabbage, it’s done and dusted for your Enemies.Dogweed and Deathcap600
Venomous TentaculaAs its name suggests, it’s filled with venom so that its prey does not eat it. You can use it to make deadly potions to help you in battle. Dogweed and Deathcap1050
DittanyA healing plant that you can use to make healing potions. Quest reward N/A
MandrakesA magical plant you will have to pull out from the ground. Mandrakes can be used to stun and harm enemies in a radius.Dogweed and Deathcap800
MallowsweetMallowsweet is needed to complete certain puzzles in the Merlin Trials.The Magic Neep200
FluxweedA simple ingredient often used in Focus Potions.The Magic Neep350
ShrivelfigsA flower that you can use in an attempt to reverse curses.The Magic Neep450
KnotgrassYou can use this herb are used in the Invisibility potion.The Magic Neep350

Plants can also cook Potions, providing different abilities while in combat. If you are wondering what these are, check out the complete list of all the Potions below: Hogwarts Legacy: All Potions & Their Effects.

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