Hogwarts Legacy: All Endings Explained

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Hogwarts Legacy: All Endings Explained

All good things must come to an end, and I believe the endings of Hogwarts Legacy are satisfying. Let me explain.

People like us who grew up with the book and movie franchise have always wondered why it is taking so much time for a game adaptation. And to counter that, Avalanche Software came up with the idea of fulfilling the life long dream of ours; becoming a wizard or witch at the famous Hogwarts institute.

The game took place around the late 19th century. You are a late Fifth-year student of Hogwarts with a prodigal mind. You will attend classes, learn charms and spells, apply, duel, go on a quest, and whatnot. Apart from that, you will go on to solve mysteries. Along the way, you will also be revealing items, doors that behold their own secrets, and chests with century-old relics.

Now, being a massive open-world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy made it obvious that one ending would not be enough at any cost. So yes, there are multiple endings based on the choices you made in your life, I mean, in Hogwarts Legacy. And that is all we will be talking about today.

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All the Endings of Hogwarts Legacy

As you have already gone through a lot of conversation by now, which I take is a “near nerve-wracking experience,” you can pretty much assume how the choices in these dialogues may impact your overall gaming experience. And with that being said, there should have been multiple endings.

However, after getting through these complex dialogue maze, we can confirm that there are Three endings in total in Hogwarts Legacy. You can choose:

  • Good Ending
  • Bad Ending

And the Other one is the True Ending, which is the common branch in both of the endings mentioned above. Means, whatever you do, whatever steps you take, whoever comes and goes from your life, you will end up with the True ending, no matter what.

To start with, I assume we are starting the final chapter. By this time, we have made a deal with the Keepers after completing all Four Trials. After that, they will show the de way to the Dark Magic Repository. The Repository is by the House Elf Bragbor.

Now, as you march forward, the loyal devotees of Ranrok will be on the way to block you. Needless to say, you will face heavy resistance from the very beginning. Not to worry, as the associates of Hogwarts will join you shortly to clear the way out for you.

Head toward the Final Repository, where you will meet Two Pensieve Guardians protecting the cavern. Slay them and get inside the cavern.

As you get inside, Professor Fig, who was with you this entire time, will now give you Two choices that will seal your destiny forever and after. These are choices that will basically impact your storyline from hereafter.

Good Ending

As you both stand inside the Repository, Professor Fig will now ask about your intention with this ancient Dark Magic. There will be Two options; You want to keep it contained as it is, or you want to open the secret.

Needless to say, containing the ancient Dark Magic as it is, is the prologue of the Good Ending. Next, you will agree to the term that you will keep it a secret forever as the Keepers wanted.

Just a moment later, Ranrok will enter the chamber. Without wasting a moment, he will free the Dark Magic and absorb it into himself. That will eventually turn him into a Red Spectral Dragon.

In the first part of the battle, both you and Professor Fig will have a hard time blocking Ranrok’s attacks. At a point, Professor Fig will face an unfortunate event that will make you progress alone in the next phase.

In the second part of the battle, you will face Ranrok for real time. After you have dealt with him for the final time, a cutscene will appear. In the cutscene, you will see that the chamber is falling down. And when all hope seems to be lost, Professor Fig will make a reappearance and will give you a hand into this mess. With his help, you will contain the Dark Magic in a new repository.

However, Professor Fig will now bid you goodbye for the final time as the wounds from before seems to caused him serious harm. Before his final exhalation, he will leave his beloved wife, Miriam’s wand, to you and will bid you good luck.

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Bad Ending

As Professor gave you two options, you have chosen that you want to open it even after you have seen the fate of Isidora. You have the vision to release this ancient Dark Magic to the entire world.

The next-up events are the same as before. You will face Ranrok and will defeat him for good. However, some sequences are set as the consequence of you choosing to be the bearer of this Dark Magic.

In this sequence, Professor Fig is already dead from the previous event. That leaves you alone to deal with the Dark Magic that makes the chamber collapse before you.

However, you will suddenly cast an inhuman spell that will make the Dark Magic itself surrender to you. Your appearance will change, and you will contain the Dark Magic in your personal Repository.

After that, you will pick up Miriam’s wand that was lying down by departed Professor Fig. You will see the wisps around following your command. You will smirk a little as you take steps toward a new world.

True Ending

Remember that you are still under control. Means that you can pretty much have the choice of being a good soul even after mastering the Dark Magic.

However, after the previous ending, you will now return to your classes to finish up the lessons till you graduate. In the meantime, Hogwarts will arrange a dinner in loving memory of Professor Fig.

Later on, there will be another ceremony in the final year of your class. This will be held once you finish up all the remaining quests in Hogwarts Legacy to reach the True Ending.

As you have continuously contributed to your associated house over the year, you and your house will be awarded the House Cup. And that will be the end of the line for Hogwarts Legacy and of your journey.

That is how you will meet your destiny and the endings of Hogwarts Legacy. Cheerio, mate, and congrats on your success. You have been a good housemate.

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