Hogwarts Legacy: All Crucio Choice Results

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Crucio is another important aspect of Hogwarts Legacy; you can memorize important Spells with it. This guide will show you all Crucio choice results as you will be given to learn or cast the Curcio, and the choice results may differ.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can purchase and use your Wand to combat evil using magic spells and learn to create potions with other Hogwarts Legacy students. You can even become a member of your favorite House. NPCs will befriend players and assist them in completing quests and progressing through the game. There will be quests, and you will have options regarding your behavior in those quests.

When the Shadow of the Study quest starts, you will be asked if you want to learn or cast Crucio. You can learn and cast it yourself and ask your Slytherin Housemate, Sebastian, to do it for you. There will be different choices, and the results may vary.

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All Crucio Choice Results

Unlike the other Truth Choices in Hogwarts Legacy, where you have to choose out of two options, in Crucio choices, you will be given three choices.

The First choice is “Very well. I don’t want to learn the Cruciatus Curse,” if you choose this particular answer, you will not be able to learn Crucio. It is never a must for Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy to go forward in the game.

The second choice is “I want to learn the Cruciatus Curse. But you must cast it on me,” if you choose the second answer, you will eventually learn Crucio. And when you learn Crucio, you will learn many important Spells with it.

The third choice is “Teach me the Cruciatus Curse, and I’ll cast it on you,” if you even choose this answer, you will still be able to learn Crucio. Whether you choose the second or third choice, you will learn Crucio, which you can learn later from Sebastian while conversing with him.

And about casting Crucio, you can cast it on Sebastian or ask him to cast it on you. But ensure you have no HP, as Crucio can greatly affect and decrease your HP. It doesn’t matter what choices you make; it will not affect your main storyline, and your gameplay will go smoothly. And even if you don’t want to learn Crucio right away, you can always learn it later but remember to learn it before you send in Sebastian in the Shadow of Fate quest. After that, you won’t be able to learn Crucio.

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