Hogwarts Legacy: All Claire Truth Choices – Should You Tell Claire the Truth?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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In Hogwarts Legacy, you will meet various people and be given choices while you talk with them. One of the NPCs is Claire Beaumont, and while you talk to her, you will be given Truth Choices. This guide will show you whether you should tell Claire the Truth.

Hogwarts Legacy is the latest game for all Harry Potter lovers. This game lets you experience the magic of Hogwarts, where you can learn and join the classes just like in the original series. And also, you can fly with your Broom, learn Spells and crafting Potions, make friendships, and much more! You will also meet different NPCs in various quests.

When the Brother’s Keeper quest ends, you will meet Claire Beaumont and start your conversation with her. In the discussion, you will be given choices. And it is a matter of fact to learn whether your options will have outcomes.

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All Claire Truth Choices & Outcomes

One option will be the Truth, and the other will be the Lie. The two possible solutions will differ from one another. You will talk to Claire at the end of “Brother’s Keeper” quest.

The first Truth Choice, in this case, is “I’m afraid he’s dead.” If you choose this particular answer, tell Claire that Bardolph turned into an Inferius and that you had to kill him for that reason. Claire will be sorrowful, and she will cry in an instant after you tell her about Bardolph.

The second Truth Choice is “He’s decided to pursue a new life.” In this choice, Claire will learn that Bardolph joined the Ashwinders from you. Even if you choose this answer, Claire will be heartbroken to hear about her brother. And she will regret that she couldn’t do anything for her brother.

Whatever you tell Claire will not affect your story and the outcomes. But no matter what Truth choice you select, you will see Claire crying her heart out in front of you about Bardolph. You decide to tell Claire the Truth or the Lie, as it will not affect your gameplay further.

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