High on Life: How Long To Beat

You might want to know how long it will take to beat High on Life.

High on Life has this absurd and weird yet, full of comedic vibe. This Metroidvania genre has gained popularity quicker than most of the newly released ones. And the very own co-creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, founded this satirical, dark-comedy-based action adventure.

In this game, you are living your American Dream to the fullest while a bunch of outsiders from Earth felt cute and invaded later. Now, you must gather a crew and defend Earth from losing its identity. Be a bounty hunter and put an end to this havoc once and for all.

The vibrant tone of this game and the unique and different design of those Aliens will make you stick to the game for hours and hours. However, you can spend a certain amount of time completing it without hassle. And that is all about what we are gonna discuss today. Hop in!

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How long does it take to beat High on Life

Squanch studios have earned their name for stories that fall under dark comedy. High on Life is no different from those. However, High on Life differs in the time it takes to beat the universe. You must expend around 10-12 hours to bring back your American Dream. Might take a bit longer than that if you count the extra missions as well.

Nonetheless, exploring like Dora will take a whole day, which means around 24 hours to complete the entire process. Not to mention that the guns can talk too. They might cost you some extra minutes if you want to take that as well. I would; I definitely would.

And that is all I had for the time being to beat High On Life. Cheers!

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