Need For Speed Unbound: All Event Types

Learn about the various event types you can come across in Need For Speed Unbound.

Need For Speed brings about a refreshing and vibrant art style that reflects each and every frame of Unbound. On top of that, the graffiti art and the doodle effects will eventually catch your blinking for a moment, and that is for sure. Needless to say, this unique idea was, all along, a long overdue NFS saga.

Now to talk about the in-game events, there is a lot to explore. From classical drift to the timebound race are all the trademark events for NFS. However, these events have some substantial feature updates that just brought out a new definition for these event types in NFS unbound. Let’s check these out already.

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All Event Types in Need For Speed Unbound

Before we get into the depth, note that the meetup points for each event will vary depending on whether you are playing Online or in Single-player Story mode. On top of that, each of these events has unique conditions and tier order. The tier order starts from B and goes to S+. Needless to say, the higher the order, the bigger the reward. Now, let’s get back to the events.

Corner King and Drift Events

Tokyo Drift theme intensifies. The tight corners are around, and all you need to do is push that brake and flick that steering that will eventually end up taking you sideways. And that is how you drift. Well, do not forget to lift the throttle.

However, in NFS Bound or any other NFS installments, you really do not have to worry about keeping a note on the tutorial of making a drift. We know how the classic style works.

Apart from all that tutorial, Drift is one of the classic racing events of NFS, which stays true for the Unbound. With that in mind, you will be seeing Corner King, which will push the drifting limit to the edge to see what you got. However, the other drift events are the usual time bound where scores get up when you keep that throttle rose for a long time.


This is more like a part-time job when you need that matte-finished paint for your car, but the credit card cashes you out a tumbleweed. To take this job, you will have to take a certain call that will give you the rest of the instructions to follow up. All you have to do is, drive from A to B. Easy as that, right?

However, there is a catch. Sometimes you will find cars that are high on heat. You must evade the cops on your way and safely deliver the package with a minimum amount of damage.

Moreover, you can also pick up a passenger that needs to evade the eyes of the LPD. Instructions are the same; drop them off in the safe house, and you get your payment for the credit card bills.


Ah, yes, one of the classics. The only place where you can’t say, All’s well that ends well. You finish last; you get kicked out. However, in Need For Speed Unbound, the Eliminator event is a Weekly Qualifier event. Means you win a round and wait for the next week till the next round kicks in.

Each of these rounds will call out a winner that will be participating in the next week’s haul. Needless to say, all the participants will get a unique body kit along with some hard cash. Smells good already.


To sharpen up and test your skills, Endurance is the event you will look forward to in NFS Unbound. Be on track, hit the checkpoints, cross the finish line to get some money, and bring honey. What you do, do not mess up till you see the finish line.

Half Pack

You will be on the road with fellow Four other mates. Seems like a normal one at first, but the rewards will be doubled. That’s it; that is the Half Pack event in Need For Speed Unbound.

Head to Head

The classic one-to-one match. You overtake and take the lead; a couple of seconds later, the one at your back will take the lead. Show them who rules the road here.

Speed Race

Sprint event goes by the name Speed Race in Need For Speed Unbound. Long haul of one lap and reach the finish line long before. You get a massive reward at the end.

Street Race

The only classic lap race event of NFS Unbound. Hold your nerve, finish the laps, and bump one or two times to the opponent, and that is the beauty of it. Moreover, the narrow streets of Lakeshore city will give you new challenges to work on.


This is for the destruction lovers—just like Cap America said to Hulk, Smash. In this event, you can finally show your destructive skill, which is for a good cause. The more you smash, the more points you get. So, wreck it, Ralph!

And that was it. That is all for the new updated event types of Need For Speed unbound. Cheers!

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