How To Upgrade Healing Potions: Diablo 4

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How To Upgrade Healing Potions: Diablo 4

Learn how to upgrade your Healing Potions in Diablo 4 to make your foes sweat.

The realm of Diablo 4 wants you to feel pain, suffocate, and yet, thrive on seeing the dawn of a new day. And to survive, the key lies in upgrading your healing potions in this demon-infested realm. On top of that, explore one or two dungeons, and your health bar starts having fatigue faster than a rock sinking into a pond. That leaves you no option to retreat or be desperate for a lifeline. And here, the healing potions work like the Senju bean in Diablo 4.

Devs have introduced a new modified healing system in Diablo 4. Old days have passed by when you could have healed for an infinite amount of time without feeling the true survival test in Diablo. From now on, and which you already have noticed, you have to be careful and plan strategically to manage those limited amounts of potions. 

Well, most certainly, Level 1 potions will hardly do any good, let alone thrive onto new levels with that majestic class build of yours. You can maximize the healing potency of each healing potion, that in terms, will help you go through this perilous path. And to make it work, scroll down to know in depth how you can upgrade your healing potion without much of a hassle. 

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How to Upgrade Healing Potion in Diablo 4

Your healing potions have an evolving system, just like your character does at each level. So, after the level requirement to upgrade your healing potion, visit the Alchemist. He is marked with a Mortar and Pestle icon on your map, and that is in Kyovashad.

Check out the table below for the requirements to upgrade your Healing potion to the required level.

Healing PotionLevelIngredientsEffectCost
Weak Healing Potion1Starting PotionHeals 17 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.
Tiny Healing Potion108x GallowvineHeals 48 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.250
Minor Healing Potion2015x Gallowvine
5x Biteberry
Heals 80 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.400
Light Healing Potion3020x Gallowvine
10x Biteberry
5x Crushed Beasts Bones
(Found in wild Scosglen region)
Heals 141 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.470
Moderate Healing Potion4520x Gallowvine
12x Howler Moss
5x Demon’s Heart
Heals 255 Life over 3 seconds.900
Strong Healing Potion6027x Gallowvine
15x Reddamine
5x Paletongue
Heals 378 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.1700
Greater Healing Potion7036x Blightshade
18x Lifesbane
5x Grave Dust
5x Angelbreath
Heals 559 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.2500
Major Healing Potion8027x Blightshade
27x Lifesbane
27x Biteberry
27x Reddamine
27x Howler Moss
10x Angelbreath
5x Fiend Rose
Heals 827 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.5000
Superior Healing Potion9036x Blightshade
27x Lifesbane
36x Howler Moss
20x Angelbreath
20x Grave Dust
10x Forgotten Soul
10x Fiend Rose
Heals 1274 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.12500

How to Carry More Healing Potions

You can upgrade and increase your Healing Potion capacity through the Renown system in Diablo 4. The more you explore all the Five central regions, and complete side quests, dungeons, and strongholds, you’ll earn Renown points. With these points, you can unlock rewards like extra healing potions and skill points.

Moreover, by the time you reach specific Renown milestones, such as earning 500 Renown in each region, you will be able to increase your healing potion capacity. In total, you will be allowed to equip up to 9 healing potions. What do you say, more than enough?

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