Diablo 4: All Terms You Need to Know

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Diablo 4, being an ARPG, has a lot of terms that is used to describe different effects. Here we will discuss all the terms used in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is the latest installment in the Diablo franchise. The last Diablo game was released primarily for mobile, with the PC port being a last-minute addition. But it acted more like a spin-off to the series. The previous mainline Diablo game was released almost 11 years ago. So this new game targets to bring back the old players and tries to capture a new fanbase amongst the new players of the game.

Diablo 4 is an ARPG, much like the other Diablo games. That means it has a top-down view of the map, and you get to control your player from that view. All of the Diablo game’s mechanics make a return, with the world being an open world this time around.

There are a lot of terms that are used in Diablo 4 to describe different effects in the game. For a new player, it can become overwhelming to remember everything from the start. But as you play the game and get more familiar with it, you will get to understand and remember all the terms of the game. We have made a list of terms to aid you with that.

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All Diablo 4 Terms

TermTerm typeEffect
Maximum LifeGeneralThe total amount of health points (HP) you and your enemies have.
CloseGeneralTargets within melee range.
DistantGeneralTargets outside of melee range.
HealthyGeneralYou or an enemy have over 80% HP.
InjuredGeneralYou or an enemy have below 35% HP.
ChillCrowd ControlReduces movement speed. Repeated application will cause a Frozen effect.
FrozenCrowd ControlPrevents movement and attacks.
DazeCrowd ControlPrevents attacks or skills, but the enemy can still move.
FearCrowd ControlPrevents attacks, skills, and movement and causes the target to run in a direction.
SlowCrowd ControlReduces movement speed.
ImmobilizeCrowd ControlPrevents basic movement.
KnockbackCrowd ControlPrevents attacks or skills and pushes the target into distant range.
KnockdownCrowd ControlPrevents attacks or skills for a short duration
PulledCrowd ControlPulls target into close range of the caster.
StunCrowd ControlPrevents attacks, skills, and movement.
TetherCrowd ControlPrevents movement.
BarrierDefensiveA temporary amount of light blue Life.
FortifyDefensiveA bright red layer of Life that takes 10% reduced damage.
UnstoppableDefensiveRemoves and prevents control-impairing effects.
ImmuneDefensiveGives you temporary invulnerability.
StealthedDefensivePrevents you or enemies from being targeted.
Crowd Control (CC)DefensiveAny movement-impairing effects.
Elemental resistancesDefensiveReduces a specific elemental type of damage.
VulnerableCombatIncreases damage taken by 20%
OverpowerCombatBonus damage based on the sum of your current Life.
Lucky HitCombatA chance for a skill to trigger a bonus Lucky Hit effect.
Critical Strike ChanceCombatA chance for skills to deal 50% bonus damage.
TauntCombatForces enemies to attack only the caster.
ThornsCombatDamage is automatically dealt to an enemy when they’ve attacked you.
Damage over time (DoT)CombatA set amount of periodic damage.
Cooldown (CD)CombatThe time it takes before you can recast a particular Skill
BuffCombatA positive gameplay effect
DebuffCombatA negative gameplay effect
RerollGeneralRandomly modifying an item’s specific Affix, stats, or effect, usually through Enchanting at the Occultist.
RespecGeneralRemoving Skill Points from existing Skills and reallocating them.
Area of Effect (AoE)CombatA Skill or effect that covers a large area
Damage per Second (DPS)CombatA measurement of how much damage a class, weapon, or skill can unleash over one second.
Item PowerGeneralA value on weapons and armor which determines how high their stats and effects can roll.
StashGeneralRefers to a player or character’s item stash.

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