Hades 2: All Legendary Boons

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Do you want to know about all Legendary Boons in Hades 2? If yes, then look no further. I’ll give you info about Legendary Boons.

In Hades 2, boons grant you powerful upgrades and abilities to aid game characters on their quest. While most boons come in common, rare, epic, and heroic rarities, there is one ultra-rare tier above them all — the Legendary Boons. This article will provide an in-depth look at all the legendary boons available in Hades 2.

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List of All Legendary Boons

Legendary BoonEffectRequirementsCharacter
Close CallGain +1 use of Death Defiance that makes everything else move 90% slower.➼ Swift Strike
➼ Swift Flourish
➼ Hard Target
➼ Saved Breath
➼ Witty Retort
➼ Greater Evasion
➼ Midnight Oil
➼ Mean Streak
➼ Nitro Boost
Shocking LossMost foes may be instantly destroyed as soon as they enter the Encounter.➼ Heaven Strike
➼ Heaven Flourish
➼ Storm Ring
➼ Thunder Sprint
➼ Ionic Gain
➼ Double Strike
➼ Toasting Fork
➼ Static Shock, Electric Overload
Ecstatic ObsessionDuring Encounters with multiple foes, 1 foe is always afflicted with Charm.➼ Broken Resolve
➼ Sweet Surrender
➼ Rapture Ring
➼ Passion Dash
➼ Glamour Gain
➼ Flutter Strike
➼ Flutter Flourish
Exceptional TalentYour Omega Attack and Omega Special fire 2 times, but use more Magick.➼ Nova Strike
➼ Nova Flourish
➼ Solar Ring
➼ Lucid Gain
➼ Extra Dose
➼ Super Nova
Winter HarvestFreeze-afflicted foes shatter at 10% Health, dealing damage in the area.➼ Ice Strike
➼ Ice Flourish
➼ Plentiful Forage
➼ Winter Coat
➼ Weed Killer
➼ Cold Storage
Fine TuningYour Aspect of the Nocturnal Arms is even stronger.➼ Volcanic Strike
➼ Volcanic Flourish
➼ Heavy Metal
➼ Trusty Shield
➼ Mint Condition
➼ Tough Trade
➼ Molten Touch
➼ Furnace Blast
Brave FaceAutomatically use Magick to resist up to 50% of any damage.➼ Sworn Strike
➼ Sworn Flourish
➼ Born Gain
➼ Keen Intuition
➼ Hereditary Bane
➼ Dying Wish
Pyro TechniqueYour Scorch effects deal damage faster.➼ Flame Strike
➼ Flame Flourish
➼ Smolder Ring
➼ Spontaneous Combustion
➼ Natural Gas
➼ Flammable Coating
➼ Glowing Coal
➼ Controlled Burn
King TideYour splash effects from Poseidon are larger and deal bonus damage to Guardians.➼ Wave Strike
➼ Wave Flourish
➼ Slippery Slope
➼ Crashing Wave
DefianceAfterward, gain +1 use of Death Defiance this night.No Boon requirement. Shows up randomly.Chaos
List of all Legendary Boons in Hades 2

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