Hades 2: Complete Romance Guide

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Let’s learn everything you need to know about Romance in Hades 2. Unlock unique character interactions with Romance gifts.

The romance system in Hades 2 goes beyond just gifting Nectar to NPCs like in the first game. While that’s still a core way to raise relationship levels, you can unlock special gifts that trigger unique interactions and scenes with romanceable characters. You can invite them to new hangout spots in the Crossroads area between runs. Here’s a complete Romance guide in Hades 2 for you.

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Hot Springs, Cold Beverages, and Lazy Fishing Days

You need to complete certain tasks that add cozy new hangouts to the hub area:

  • Rite of Vapor Cleansing — This will unlock the Crossroads Hot Springs, where you can gift Bath Salts to take a relaxing bath with a companion.
Bath Salts needed to visit the Crossroads Hot Springs
Image Credit: Supergiant Games
  • Rite of Social Solidarity — This will construct the Crossroads Taverna, letting you share a round of Ambrosia drinks with your chosen NPC friend.
  • Rite of River-Fording — This will open up the Crossroads Fishing Pier, where you can spend a lazy day fishing with help from gifted Twin Lures.
Twin Lures needed to visit the Crossroads Fishing Pier
Image Credit: Supergiant Games

While NPCs won’t always accept your invitations, these new locales provide perfect settings for romantic conversations.

What do you need for Romance in Hades 2?

You’ll need to collect the required ingredients for each Incantation:

  • Bath Salts — 2x Moly, 2x Lotus, 2x Nightshade
  • Ambrosia — 2x Nectar, 2x Garlic
  • Twin Lures — 4x Driftwood, 2x Cattail

Once you’ve brewed the appropriate Incantation, check the Book of Shadows (unlocked via Empath’s Intuition) for which gifts open up relationship-building opportunities.

Romance Options

The list of prospective romantic partners is as follows:

All Romance Option in Hades 2
Image Credit: Supergiant Games
  • Hecate
  • Dora
  • Nemesis
  • Moros
  • Odysseus
  • Eris

It bears mention that, in this Early Access phase, the romantic interactions remain somewhat incomplete. The road of courtship leads only so far, with coy mentions of “wanting nothing more…for now.”

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