Hades 2: All Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

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Do you want to know about all Daedalus Hammer upgrades in Hades 2? If yes, then I’ve covered all 44 Boons in one list.

The Daedalus Hammers are special artifacts that directly upgrade whichever weapon you have currently equipped. With a vast array of 44 different Daedalus Hammer boons, which can upgrade your weapons like the Witch’s Staff, Sister Blades, Moonstone Axe, Umbral Flames, and Argent Skull, this guide will give you every last Daedalus Hammer upgrade for Hades 2, breaking down precisely how each one affects Melinoe’s arsenal.

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Daedalus Hammer Upgrades in Hades 2

Here’s the full rundown of Daedalus Hammer upgrades:

Boon NameEffectWeapon Name
Aetheric MoonburstYour Omega Special gains a Power Shot that deals +20% damage and restores 5 Magick.Witch’s Staff
Bolstered ArrayGain +2 Shells.Argent Skull
Boundless FlurryYour Omega Special uses -66% Magick and you Channel it much faster.Sister Blades
Clean HelixYou Channel your Omega Special 20% faster and it uses 2 less Magick.Umbral Flames
Colossus TackleYour Special has +45 Power and you take -30% damage while using it.Argent Skull
Concentrated FlurryYour Omega Special gains +4 Power each time it keeps hitting the same foe.Sister Blades
Concentrated WhirlwindYour Omega Attack gains +2 Power each time it keeps hitting the same foe.Moonstone Axe
Cross CataclysmYour Omega Attack deals +40% damage and also strikes sideways.Witch’s Staff
Crushing CometYour Special has +50 Power, but dissipates after striking foes.Umbral Flames
Dancing KnivesYour Specials deal +15% damage and each hit bounces toward up to 2 more foes.Sister Blades
Double CataclysmYour Omega Attack hits 2 times, but no longer strikes behind you.Witch’s Staff
Double MoonshotYour Special fires 2 projectiles that seek foes.Witch’s Staff
Double WallopYour Attack hits 2 times.Witch’s Staff
Empowering GuardAfter blocking a few with your Special, deal 50% damage for 15 Sec.Moonstone Axe
ExecutionerThe final move in your Attack sequence hits 2 times but uses 20 Magick.Moonstone Axe
Explosive AmbushYour Omega Attack hits a wide area and deals +400% damage, but uses +20 Magick.Sister Blades
Extending WallopYour Attack has more range and deals +50% damage to distant foes.Witch’s Staff
Escalating AmbushIn each Encounter, your Omega Attack gains +5 Power for each foe you slay with it.Sister Blades
Fetching ArrayYour Shells return to you automatically, but you have -1 Shell.Argent Skull
Final SliceThe last strike in your Attack sequence deals +300% damage in a larger area.Sister Blades
Furious FireWhile you Channel your Attacks, they deal +10% damage and you move 30% faster.Umbral Flames
Furious WhirlwindYou Channel your Omega Attack faster, and move 60% faster while it is active.Moonstone Axe
Giga CleaverYou can Channel +15 Magick into your Omega Special to fire 2 times ahead of you.Moonstone Axe
Giga MoonburstYou can Channel +40 Magick into your Omega Special to deal +300% damage in a larger area.Witch’s Staff
Hook KnivesYour Specials return to you and deal +50% damage striking foes from behind.Sister Blades
Marauder SliceHold Attack to slice repeatedly, but cannot use your Omega Attack.Sister Blades
Marauder WallopHold Attack to strike 50% faster, but cannot use your Omega Attack.Witch’s Staff
Melting CometYour Special fires straight ahead and destroys 80% of any Armor (based on the total).Umbral Flames
Melting ShredderYour Special destroys 35% of any Armor (based on the total).Moonstone Axe
Melting SwipeYour Dash-Strike hits a larger area and destroys 60% of any Armor (based on the total).Witch’s Staff
Melting TackleYour Special destroys 50% of any Armor (based on the total).Argent Skull
Origin HelixYour Omega Special orbits 50% faster at the point where you fired it.Umbral Flames
Psychic WhirlwindDuring your Omega Attack, you are free to use your Attacks and Specials.Moonstone Axe
Rapid MoonfireYour Specials are 20% faster and have +5 Power.Witch’s Staff
Shimmering MoonshotYour Special bounces toward up to 2 more foes, dealing +10% damage for each hit.Witch’s Staff
Sidelong CrashYour Omega Special projectiles deal +120% damage and shoot farther, but only to one side.Argent Skull
Skulking SliceYour Attacks deal +200% damage striking foes from behind.Sister Blades
Split FireYour Attacks split in 2 the first time they strike foes.Umbral Flames
Spiral KnivesYour Specials deal +40% damage and your Omega Special fires up to 16 shots around you.Sister Blades
Sudden DriverYour Specials are 35% faster.Argent Skull
Sureshot FlurryYour Omega Special fires each shot straight ahead and your Specials have +20% range.Sister Blades
Triple HelixYour Omega Special creates +1 Flame.Umbral Flames
Unyielding SlashYour Attacks have +10 Power and you take -20% damage while using them.Moonstone Axe
Vampiric CataclysmAfter you slay a foe with your Omega Attack, restore 5 health.Witch’s Staff
List of All Daedalus Hammer Upgrades

The list consists of all 44 Daedalus Hammer upgrades that I’ve found so far.

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