Yun Tal Wildarrows – New LoL ADC Item Coming In Patch 14.10

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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New items are coming to LoL in Patch 14.10 with Yun Tal Wildarrows being added as an ADC item.

With Patch 14.10, Riot is bringing in big changes for the next iteration of the League of Legends Season 14 Meta. They have identified a bunch of problems that include some not so useful Runes, and other changes. Not to mention, Corki is getting huge changes that are close to a Midscope level.

Since Riot is touching on a bunch of gameplay systems, Items are also being removed, added, and adjusted. One of the new items coming into the game is Yun Tal Wildarrows which will make ADCs shine in the game.

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New ADC Item – Yun Tal Wildarrows

While not as massive as some of the other ADC Critical-based items, Yun Yal Wildarrows will be a huge compliment to that build. Here are all the stats of the item.

  • Build Path: Pickaxe + Noonquiver + 925 Gold.
  • Price: 3200 Gold.
  • Attack Damage: 65.
  • Critical Strike Chance: 25%.
  • Unique Passive – Big Sting:
    • Critical attacks deal 35% Bonus AD additional damage over 2 seconds.

Yun Tal WIldarrows is an item that will amplify all the Critical Strike Damage while also raising the Critical Strike Chance. This is a perfect item to go with Infinity Edge and other Critical items. A very interesting item is being added for ADCs.

Release Date

Yun Tal Wildarrows alongside the other new Items and changes will be coming in Patch 14.10 on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

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