Hades 2: All Prophecies in the Fated List

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Are you looking for all Prophecies in the Fated List in Hades 2? If yes, then here are all Prophecies in Hades 2.

As you traverse the grim depths of Hades 2, have you taken notice of the Fated List of Minor Prophecies that counsels your actions? This mystical scroll, delivered to us by the shadowy Moros himself, lays out a series of tasks and challenges directly ordained by the Three Fates. By fulfilling the prophecies contained within the Fated List, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with valuable supplies and reagents to aid you on your quest. Here’s every prophecy in Hades 2 and how to unlock it.

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All Prophecies in Hades 2

Prophecy NameHow to UnlockRewards
Awakened AspectRaise any Weapon Aspect to Rank V3 Star Dust
Blades of Pure SilverUnlock the weapon, Sister Blades, from the Silver Pool1 Moly
Combined MightAcquire all of the Duo Boons from Olympian Gods250 Bones
Customary GiftGift a total of 5 Nectar amongst all giftable characters10 Ashes
Family in NeedReconnect Melinoe with the Huntress and Messenger companions10 Silver
Gifts of The MoonHarness all of the following Hexes from Selene: Phase Shift, Night Bloom, Moon Water, Lunar Ray, Twilight Curse, Wolf Howl, Total Eclipse, Dark Side300 Bones
Harbinger of DoomSummon Moros once more and speak with him1 Nectar
Keeper of ShadowsUnlock 30 Entries in the Book of Shadows120 Bones
Major ArcanaFully upgrade 3 Arcana Cards at the Altar of Ashes2 Nightshade Seeds
Master of SwiftnessAcquire all of these Boons from Hermes: Swift Strike, Swift Flourish, Greater Evasion, Witty Retort, and more400 Bones
Master of The DeadAcquire all of these Boons from Hades: Life Tax, Last Gasp, Howling Soul, Old Grudge, Deep Dissent, Unseen Ire250 Bones
Master of the HeavensAcquire all of these Boons from Zeus: Heaven Strike, Heaven Flourish, Storm Ring, Thunder Sprint, and more400 Bones
Mindful CraftIncrease Melinoe’s Grasp to 14 at the Altar of Ashes100 Ashes
Mistress of FlameAcquire all of these Boons from Hestia: Flame Strike, Flame Flourish, Smolder Ring, Soot Sprint, and more400 Bones
Mistress of WedlockAcquire all of these Boons from Hera: Sworn Strike, Sworn Flourish, Engagement Ring, Nexus Sprint, and more5 Fate Fabric
Note To SelfComplete 3 Forget-Me-Nots after acquiring the tracked resources25 Psyche
Original SinsSuffer these curses from Chaos: Maimed, Flayed, Addled, Hobbled, and more400 Bones
Shadow of DeathDefeat all these mini bosses: Root-Stalker, Shadow-Spiller, Deep Serpent, King Vermin, and more400 Bones
Spectral FormsRally 100 Lone Shades and have them join in battle250 Bones
Temporary SetbackDefeat the Boss in the Lowest Depths of the Underworld60 Psyche
The Argent SkullAcquire all Daedalus Hammer enhancements for The Argent Skull at least once40 Psyche
The InvokerCast 10 Incantations using the Crossroads Cauldron250 Bones
The Moonstone AxeAcquire all Daedalus Hammer enhancements for The Moonstone Axe at least once3000 Bones
The Sister BladesAcquire all Daedalus Hammer enhancements for The Sister Blades at least once25 Psyche
The Umbral FlamesAcquire all Daedalus Hammer enhancements for The Umbral Flames at least once250 Bones
The Witch’s StaffAcquire all Daedalus Hammer enhancements for The Witch’s Staff at least once10 Deathcap
Tools of the UnseenUnlock the following tools from the Silver Pool: Crescent Pick, Silver Spade, Tablet of Peace, Rod of Fishing40 Ashes
Valued CustomerPurchase each of these goods offered in the Well of Charon: Kiss of Styx, Life Essence, and more1000 Bones
Visions of VictoryLook into the Pitch-Black Stone10 Moon Dust
Voice of TruthAcquire all of these Blessings from Echo: Reward Reward Reward, Boon Boon Boon, and more250 Bones
Weight in GoldSpend 500 Gold Crowns in Charon’s Shop to redeem 5 Obol Points250 Bones
Whim of ChaosComplete 5 Chaos Trials through the Pitch-Black Stone80 Bones
Witch of the CrossroadsDefeat Hecate in Battle1 Fate Fabric
List of All Prophecies in Hades 2

I’ve listed all 34 Prophecies in Hades 2, including how to unlock each of them and what rewards you will receive upon completion.

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