Hades 2: All Incantations and Their Recipes

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Are you searching for all incantations in Hades 2? If yes, then look no further, as I’ll give you all incantations and their recipes.

In Hades 2, there are some powerful spells named Incantations which help you summon vendors and unlock new areas, enhance your weapons and unique abilities upon you. I’ve made a big list of all incantations in the guide. It tells you about all 55 powerful spells called Incantations in the game. It also says how to make each one and what they do. Make sure to check the recipes because some need rare stuff you might not have.

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All Incantations in Hades 2

Here are the incantations and their recipes:

1Fated InterventionUnlocks the Fates List which gives you objectives to complete.1x Silver
2x Ashes
2x Moly
2Summoning of Mercantile FortuneSpawns the Wretched Broker vendor who sells a variety of goods.10x Bones
3Kinship FortuneUpgrade the Wretched Broker’s Inventory so he now sells Nectar.60x Bones
4Floral FortuneEnables the exchange of plants and other goods for Bones at the Wretched Broker.1x Ashes
1x Nightshade
5Summoning of Personal InsightsSpawns the Record Keeper at the Taverna for statistical detail about weapons and boons.2x Shaderot
2x Poppy
6Summoning of Historic TravailsSpawns the Learned Sage at the Taverna for analysis of your loadout on previous runs.3x Marble
1x Zodiac Sand
7Night’s CraftworkReveal Gathering Tools within the Silver Pool. Unlock them to mine, gather, and dig up valuable resources.1x Moly
8Forget-Me-NotEnables you to mark recipes via your Book of Shadows for reminders on the items you need.1x Moly
9Reagent SensingAfter Encounters, a silver wisp will alert you of nearby resources.1x Moly
10Greater Favor of GaiaAllows enhancements for your Gathering Tools.2x Marble
4x Bronze
4x Iron
11Observance of Gaia’s SecretsEarn a 20% chance to gain one extra resource when gathering.7x Moly
7x Lotus
7x Moss
12Flourishing SoilCreate two Soil Plots for growing and harvesting plants.1x Moly
13Rich SoilAdds two more Soil Plots.3x Lotus
14Verdant SoilAdds a final two more Soil Plots.1x Wheat
1x Garlic
15Cleansing of Fountain-WatersGain 10% more health from fountains.1x Moly
1x Lotus
16Purification of Fountain-WatersGain another 10% more health from healing fountains.1x Nightshade
1x Cattail
17Woodsy LifespringReveal a hidden glade in Erebus, where you can find a healing fountain.3x Silver
1x Moly
18Briny LifespringReveal a hidden chamber in Oceanus, where you may find a healing fountain.3x Lime
3x Lotus
19Golden LifespringReveal rest areas in Tartarus so you can heal up.3x Marble
3x Shaderot
20Sandy LifespringReveal a hidden isle in the Rift of Thessaly where you may restore some life.3x Iron
3x Driftwood
21Kindred KeepsakesSpawns your Keepsake repository after each major boss fight.4x Lime
2x Moly
1x Lotus
22Rise of Stygian WellsCause locations in the Underworld to sometimes contain Wells of Charon.1x Moly
1x Nightshade
23Surge of Stygian WellsThe Well of Charon is guaranteed to appear between regions.3x Moly
3x Cattail
24Rush of Fresh AirThe Shrine of Hermes will appear randomly on the surface.3x Fabric
1x Wool
2x Driftwood
25Unearthed TrovesInfernal Troves may appear at random locations. Complete the challenge to earn a reward.5x Lime
1x Nightshade
26Necromantic InfluenceSprint into Lone Shades to cause them to attack your enemies.5x Psyche
5x Nightshade
27Propensity Toward GoldDestroy Golden Urns to gain up to 15 gold.1x Lime
1x Fate Fabric
28Circles of ProtectionIn Erebus, activate warding circles to protect you from damage.1x Moly
1x Lotus
1x Mandrake
29Reviving a Mournful HuskInteracting with the Golden Boughs in the Fields of Mourning will make all rewards and exits in each location.1x Myrtle
30Summoning a Colony of BatsIn the City of Ephyra, interact with cages to see all boons and reward chambers in the area.3x Moss
3x Rubbish
31Gathering of Ancient BonesCause a random Main Weapon each night to have Grave Thirst, granting Bones after clearing each location.2x Lime
32Aspects of Night and DarknessEnables you to unlock and upgrade weapon aspects.5x Bronze
1x Nightshade
33Divination of the ElementsReveal hidden elemental affinities of various boons.5x Psyche
34Insight Into OfferingsReveal a complete list of all Olympian/deity boons in the Book of Shadows, including legendary and duo boons.2x Ambrosia
2x Poppy
1x Golden Apple
35Consecration of AshesEnables the enhancement of Arcana Cards. Grants 3x Moon Dust.6x Ashes
3x Cinder
6x Fate Fabric
36Faith of Familiar SpiritsEnables you to bring along familiars with you on dungeon runs.2x Nectar
1x Lotus
37Attending a Faithful BeastAllows your familiars to stay in the training grounds. When rested, they can harvest twice.1x Tears
1x Wool
4x Wheat
38Empath’s IntuitionAllows you to view the relationship status and affinity of various characters in the Book of Shadows.1x Fate Fabric
3x Myrtle
39Rite of Vapor-CleansingUnlocks the Crossroads Hot Springs. You can invite potential romantic partners to take a bath with you. Grants 1x Bath Salts.2x Moly
2x Lotus
2x Nightshade
40Rite of Social SolidarityOpens the Crossroads Taverna. You can invite your friends to have a drink with you. Grants 1x Ambrosia.2x Nectar
2x Garlic
41Rite of River FordingUnlocks the Crossroads Fishing Pier. You can invite romantic partners to catch some fish with you. Grants 1x Twin Lures.4x Driftwood
2x Cattail
42Doomed BeckoningMoros will spawn at the Crossroads.3x Fabric
1x Nightshade
43Permeation of Witching-WardsRemoves the wards that stop you from reaching the surface.1x Cinder
44Unraveling a Fateful BondRemoves the HP-draining curse that slowly kills you on the surface.2x Lotus
2x Moss
2x Nightshade
2x Thalamus
45Abyssal InsightYou will be able to start the Chaos Trails. Interact with the obelisk next to the weapon selection to begin.2x Fate Fabric
2x Pearl
2x Moly
2x Nightshade
46Power to Pause and ReflectStops Chronos from breaking the fourth wall and preventing you from pausing the game during battle.3x Zodiac Sand
3x Moly
47Beast-Loved MorselCreates 2x Witch’s Delight1x Star Dust
2x Lotus
48Moonlit Essence from StarsCreates 3x Moon Dust1x Star Dust
49Moonlit Essence from ShadowCreates 5x Moon Dust1x Cinder
1x Shadow
50Sweet NectarCreates 3x Nectar1x Golden Apple
51Shadow ExtractionCreates 1x Shadow30x Ashes
30x Psyche
3x Fate Fabric
52Witch’s DelightBefriend and upgrade animal companions1x Star Dust
2x Lotus
53Dissolution of TimeStops Chronos from reassembling himself every night.Zodiac Sand
(Amount Unknown)
54Doomed ReckoningIn accordance to the wishes of the Three Fates, Beseech Moros should reappear.3x Fate Fabric
1x Nightshade
55Permeation of Witching WardsGain the ability to traverse Warded gateways, such as the one leading to the surface, with ease.1x Cinder
1x Shadow
3x Moly
List of All Incantations in Hades 2

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