Hades 2: All Aspects in Game And How To Get Them

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Do you want to learn about all aspects in Hades 2? If yes, then you shouldn’t go anywhere else. Because, I’ll mention all of them.

In Hades 2, Aspects enhance your weapons with unique god-given abilities, transforming them into a powerful, customizable force of nature. Mastering Aspects is vital for survival in Hades 2, as you need the knowledge of your weapons that align with your playstyle. For example, Harness Circe’s Aspect to restore magic quickly or Thanatos’s Aspect to boost critical strike chances with each hit in Hades 2. In this guide, I’ll talk about all Aspects of Hades 2.

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List of All Aspects in Hades 2

Here’s a detailed list of every aspect in the game:

WeaponAspectEffectMaterials RequiredRank Distribution
Witch’s StaffAspect of MelinoeYou Channel your Omega Moves faster.Unlocked by Default🡪 Rank 2: +15% Channel Speed
🡪 Rank 3: +20% Channel Speed
🡪 Rank 4: +25% Channel Speed
🡪 Rank 5: +30% Channel Speed
Aspect of CirceAfter landing 21 Attacks or Specials, gain Serenity (Omega Moves 15% faster, rapidly restore Magick).🡪 5x Silver
🡪 5x Lotus
🡪 Rank 1: 6s Serenity Duration
🡪 Rank 2: 7s Serenity Duration
🡪 Rank 3: 8s Serenity Duration
🡪 Rank 4: 9s Serenity Duration
🡪 Rank 5: 10s Serenity Duration
Aspect of MomusWhile at ≤50% health, absorb your Omega Special to restore 5 health.🡪 2x Limestone
🡪 1x Pearl
🡪 Rank 1: +10 Special Power
🡪 Rank 2: +15 Special Power
🡪 Rank 3: +20 Special Power
🡪 Rank 4: +25 Special Power
🡪 Rank 5: +30 Special Power
Sister BladesAspect of MelinoeAttacks and Specials deal more Backstab damage.Unlocked by Default🡪 Rank 2: +10% Backstab Damage
🡪 Rank 3: +20% Backstab Damage
🡪 Rank 4: +30% Backstab Damage
🡪 Rank 5: +40% Backstab Damage
Aspect of ArtemisWhile channeling Omega Attack, you occasionally Parry then Riposte.🡪 15x Silver
🡪 1x Glassrock
🡪 Rank 1: +20% Omega Attack Speed
🡪 Rank 2: +30% Omega Attack Speed
🡪 Rank 3: +40% Omega Attack Speed
🡪 Rank 4: +50% Omega Attack Speed
🡪 Rank 5: +60% Omega Attack Speed
Aspect of PanSpecials seek foes in Cast, and fire more blades after Channeling.🡪 1x Wool
🡪 2x Shaderot
🡪 Rank 1: +1 Blade
🡪 Rank 2: +2 Blades
🡪 Rank 3: +3 Blades
🡪 Rank 4: +4 Blades
🡪 Rank 5: +5 Blades
Moonstone AxeAspect of MelinoeYou recover faster after using Attacks and Specials.Unlocked by Default🡪 Rank 2: +10% Recovery Speed
🡪 Rank 3: +15% Recovery Speed
🡪 Rank 4: +20% Recovery Speed
🡪 Rank 5: +25% Recovery Speed
Aspect of ThanatosHitting with Omega Moves increases your Critical Chance until taking damage.🡪 3x Glassrock
🡪 1x Darkness
🡪 Rank 1: +4% Max Critical Chance
🡪 Rank 2: +8% Max Critical Chance
🡪 Rank 3: +12% Max Critical Chance
🡪 Rank 4: +16% Max Critical Chance
🡪 Rank 5: +20% Max Critical Chance
Aspect of CharonYour Cast lasts 3s longer and erupts like your Omega Cast if struck by Omega Special.🡪 5x Pearl
🡪 1x Obol Points
🡪 Rank 1: +10% Cleave-Cast Size & Damage
🡪 Rank 2: +15% Cleave-Cast Size & Damage
🡪 Rank 3: +20% Cleave-Cast Size & Damage
🡪 Rank 4: +25% Cleave-Cast Size & Damage
🡪 Rank 5: +30% Cleave-Cast Size & Damage
Umbral FlamesAspect of MelinoeFlames from your Omega Special burn longer before expiring.Unlocked by Default🡪 Rank 2: +1s Omega Special Duration
🡪 Rank 3: +1.5s Omega Special Duration
🡪 Rank 4: +2s Omega Special Duration
🡪 Rank 5: +2.5s Omega Special Duration
Aspect of MorosYour Attacks linger for 6s and explode if struck by your Specials.🡪 2x Bronze
🡪 2x Tears
🡪 Rank 1: +0% Blast Damage
🡪 Rank 2: +15% Blast Damage
🡪 Rank 3: +30% Blast Damage
🡪 Rank 4: +45% Blast Damage
🡪 Rank 5: +60% Blast Damage
Aspect of EosYour Attacks grow bigger and stronger over 4s, returning when you Sprint.🡪 2x Driftwood
🡪 2x Golden Apple
🡪 Rank 1: +40% Full-grown Damage
🡪 Rank 2: +50% Full-grown Damage
🡪 Rank 3: +60% Full-grown Damage
🡪 Rank 4: +70% Full-grown Damage
🡪 Rank 5: +80% Full-grown Damage
Argent SkullAspect of MelinoeYour Attacks have more Power for each Shell fired and not retrieved.Unlocked by Default🡪 Rank 2: +5 Power per Spent Shell
🡪 Rank 3: +10 Power per Spent Shell
🡪 Rank 4: +15 Power per Spent Shell
🡪 Rank 5: +20 Power per Spent Shell
Aspect of PersephoneAny damage dealt generates Glory, enhancing your Omega Special.🡪 1x Moss
🡪 5x Poppy
🡪 Rank 1: +10% Omega Damage
🡪 Rank 2: +15% Omega Damage
🡪 Rank 3: +20% Omega Damage
🡪 Rank 4: +25% Omega Damage
🡪 Rank 5: +30% Omega Damage
Aspect of MedeaYour Attack stays within reach, exploding on impact or after 3s. Attack & Special Damage increased by 20%.🡪 4x Iron
🡪 1x Nightshade
🡪 Rank 1: +20% Attack & Special Damage
🡪 Rank 2: +30% Attack & Special Damage
🡪 Rank 3: +40% Attack & Special Damage
🡪 Rank 4: +50% Attack & Special Damage
🡪 Rank 5: +60% Attack & Special Damage
List of All Aspects in Hades 2

How to Unlock Aspects for Weapons in Hades 2

Here are the steps you need to follow to unlock Aspects in Hades 2:

1. Forge All Five Nocturnal Arms

Before you can unlock Aspects, you must first craft all five legendary weapons — the Witch’s Staff, Sister Blades, Moonstone Axe, Umbral Flames, and Argent Skull. This is no easy feat, as it requires exploring most areas of the Surface and Underworld to obtain the necessary resources.

2. Use Each Weapon in Combat

After forging the weapons, take each one for a spin during an escape attempt from the Underworld. You must use all five arms in actual combat for the next step to be triggered.

3. Speak to Hecate

Once the previous conditions are met, seek out Headmistress Hecate in Erebus. She will share the invaluable “Aspects of Night and Darkness” Incantation recipe with you, unlocking the path to Aspects.

4. Gather Incantation Ingredients

The “Aspects of Night and Darkness” Incantation requires:

  • 5 x Bronze (Found on the Surface with the Crescent Pick)
  • 1 x Nightshade (Grow from seeds found in Erebus using the Silver Spade)

5. Cast the Incantation

With all ingredients in hand, make your way back to the Crossroads and interact with the Cauldron to cast the “Aspects of Night and Darkness” Incantation.

6. Visit the Silver Pool

This mystical ritual unlocks the Aspect menu at the Silver Pool chamber. Here, you can spend resources to permanently unlock and upgrade individual Aspects for each weapon.

7. Unlock and Upgrade Desired Aspects

On the first tab, you can craft new Aspects using a variety of materials like Silver, Glassrock, and more. The second tab allows you to awaken and upgrade unlocked Aspects up to Rank V for increased potency.

With Aspects at your disposal, Melinoe’s combat prowess knows no bounds.

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