Gotham Knights: Complete Red Hood Guide

Here is a complete guide on how you should play Red Hood in Gotham Knights.

The latest installment from Warner Bros, which follows the Batman: Arkhan series, is here. Fans worldwide are excited to see what this new game offers, even though this time around, Batman will not be in the game. So, it’s up to his disciples Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood to defend Gotham and let it be crime free.

The story unfolds from the last case Batman was searching for before his death. You can play using all four of Batman’s Disciples and take on a new journey of vengeance. Besides the other three, Red hood is an Anti Hero in the Batman comics. He does not do things the way Batman does, and it is interesting how he joins the others in the game.

Moreover, in Gotham Knights, each hero has different kinds of combat and abilities. Red Hood could be an exciting choice to play with, as he offers Brute Strength and long-range combat. Furthermore, if you are wondering how you can play him, below we have made a complete guide on how to play Red Hood in Gotham Knights.

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Complete Red Hood Guide

Before heading into our guide for playing Red Hood inside Gotham Knights, let us first talk about his Origin story and how he became a part of Gotham city. Red Hood is also known to be Jason Todd, who Joker killed after Jason decided to bring Joker. He was eventually resurrected, and after he got his memories back, he started hating Batman and went against all the rules Batman had made. He believed in the ideology of killing villains to stop them for good rather than keeping them alive and expecting them to become good.

Best Playstyle with Red Hood

Red Hood is one of the more versatile characters you can play in Gotham Knights. Due to his abilities and attack types, you can use him from long-range and close-range. Depending on what you are up against, players can shift their style and deal lots of damage. Red Hood mainly focuses on Brute strength and dealing damage upfront by grabbing enemies and using his pistol.

In a way, you can call this character-heavy as he is equipped with some hard-hiding armor and raw strength. Apart from close-range combat using his pistols, you can also use Jason’s long-range weapon to deal damage from afar and keep your enemies guessing what hit them. Red Hood also has a remarkable ability that you can use to teleport to places using some magic platforms. So even if you get down on health, you can quickly escape a situation without dying.

Best Playstyle with Red Hood
Credit- Warner Bros

All Skill Trees for Red Hood

The Marksman Skill Tree

AbilityDescriptionHow to Unlock Points to Unlock
Perfect EvadeRed Hood performs a perfectly timed evade that generates Momentum and allows for a perfect attack follow-up.Unlock the Marksman Skill Tree1 AP
Focused FireRed Hood can aim longer at a target to deal 4x more damagePerfect Evade1 AP
Lucky RoundsEvery round Red Hood shoots has a slight chance to deal 5x the damage. This only applies to Ranged Attacks and Precision Aim.Perfect Evade2 AP
Critical ExpertiseIncreases Red Hood’s critical damage by 20%Perfect Evade1 AP
Precise StrikesIncreases Red Hood’s chance of landing a critical hit by 10%Critical Expertise2 AP
Focused Fire +The aiming time of Focused Fire is reduced by 50%Focused Fire2 AP
Quickfire ExpertThe critical chance and critical damage of Red Hood’s Range Attack combo is increased by 15%Focused Fire + or Precise Strikes3 AP

The Brawler Skill Tree

AbilityDescriptionHow to UnlockPoints to Unlock
Human BombWhen Red Hood throws an enemy, he attaches a concussion mine to them that explodes when shot.Unlock the Brawler Skill Tree3 AP
Large GrabRed Hood can perform grab moves on large enemiesHuman Bomb1 AP
Extended Grab WindowEnemies can now be grabbed at 50% health or lessHuman Bomb1 AP
Human Bomb EnhancedIncreases damage and radius of the concussion mine explosionLarge Grab or Extended Grab Window2 AP
Grip ExpertiseIncreases Red Hood’s damage when performing a grab move by 10%Human Bomb Enhanced1 AP
Iron GripGrabbing an enemy prevents Red Hood from being interrupted by most attacksHuman Bomb Enhanced2 AP
Human Bomb MultipliedDetonating the concussion mine deploys 6 additional concussion proximity mines on the ground.Iron Grip or Grip Expertise2 AP

The Vengeance Skill Tree

AbilityDescriptionHow to Unlock Points to Unlock
Coup De GraceRed Hood inflicts 10% more damage on enemies with 30% health or lessUnlock the Vengeance Skill Tree1 AP
Freak JusticeIncreases Red Hood’s damage by 15% and critical damage by 5% when fighting FreaksCoup De Grace1 AP
Regulator JusticeIncreases Red Hood’s damage by 15% and critical damage by 5% when fighting the RegulatorsFreak Justice2 AP
Mob JusticeIncreases Red Hood’s damage by 15% and critical damage by 5% when fighting the MobFreak Justice2 AP
Combined FireRed Hood and his allies inflict increased damage when focused on a single target. This only applies to Ranged Attack combos and precision aim.Mob Justice or Regulator Justice2 AP
Unrestricted FireAfter using Two-Fisted Reload, Red Hood can shoot unlimited rounds for a short period.Combined Fire2 AP
Double VortexAfter using Two-Fisted Reload, Red Hood shoots double the number of rounds for a short period.Combined Fire2 AP

Red Hood’s Knighthood Skill Tree

AbilityDescriptionPoints to Unlock
Mystical LeapRed Hood traverses through the air using spirit platforms1 AP
Ranged TerrorEvery shot that knocks out a target inflicts Fear in nearby enemies1 AP
Weak Spot Damage+Increases headshot and weak spot damage by 15%1 AP
Grab DreadGrabbing a target inflicts Fear in nearby enemies1 AP
Combat MasteryIncreased number of attacks in Red Hood’s Ranged Attack combo by 1. The last hit is a knockdown2 AP
Ducra’s TrainingMystical Rounds requires 50% less time to lock on targets3 AP
Shadow VengeanceMystical Rounds shoots 2 rounds instead of 13 AP

Best Abilities for Red Hood

Among all abilities for Red Hood, two, in particular, are the best to unlock at any part of the game. Red Hood can be used both from long-range and close combat. So depending on what strategy players use, they should unlock abilities based on that. However, among all the skill trees below, we have added the best abilities you can unlock.

Critical Expertise

Critical Expertise will increase the critical damage by 20%. This skill can be the most useful if you unlock the skill sets that increase the chances of dealing critical damage. You can unlock this skill in all of the characters, but since Red Hood has abilities that can increase the chances of critical hits, it can be very useful.

Large Grab

This ability can be the most useful when dealing with enemies you are larger in size. First, defeat all the small enemies and leave the mini-boss for the last bits of the fight. Now go ahead and perform heavy attacks to break their guard and knock them to the ground. Perform a Large grab to deal massive amounts of damage, and you can add something like Extended Grab Window to make any enemy grabbable and do a good amount of damage.

The list of Gotham Knights Heroes and playable characters doesn’t stop with Red Hood. If you are wondering how you should play Robin. Check out our complete guide on Gotham Knights: Complete Robin Guide.

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