Gotham Knights: How to Get Promethium

Gotham Knights have different materials you need to collect to craft items. Promethium is one of them. Here we will show you how to get promethium in the game.

Gotham Knights is a game about the four apprentices of Batman. At the opening of the game, we see Batman die. But the crimes in the city are as rapid as ever. So it is up to the apprentices to defend the town without Batman.

You can play all four apprentices of Batman. On each night, you can choose who you want to play as and play with that character. Each character has its personality, and the cutscene differs depending on whom you are playing with.

All the characters have crafting options. You can craft different items and suits for each of them. And here is where promethium comes in. This is a material used for crafting these other items in the game. So here is how you can get promethium in Gotham Knights.

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How to Get Promethium in Gotham Knights

Promethium is an epic rarity material in the game. The description of the material says it can push the limit of human engineering. So it is safe to assume that you will get the drop of promethium from the mobs.

And yes, the Regulator faction of the enemies can drop promethium upon defeating. Regulators can show up in different missions. But they can also be found in the different crime scenes in the open world. You need to beat them to get the promethium.

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