God Of War Ragnarok: Mystic Heirloom Explained

You may want to know about this Mystic Heirloom in God Of War Ragnarok.

The sail has been set. By the ancient prophecy, Ragnarok is inevitable. However, Atreus thinks that it might be avoidable. And to avoid Ragnarok, which is destined to be, Kratos and Atreus travel from realm to realm to find a solution.

Moreover, besides this main storyline, you will find some Favors as well. And in one of these Favors, you will come across a relic that might not seem useful at first but has quite an interesting use. Let’s get into this real quick.

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What is Mystic Heirloom in God of War Ragnarok

This is one of those relics that cannot be crafted and cannot be upgraded as well. However, we want to use it, don’t we?

You have already come across a lot of these “Troll Statues”. These seem pretty harmless, right? However, you can bug them off with this relic. All you need is the Mystic Heirloom to acquire and wake them up from their Hibernation period. It will eventually cause a little confrontation.

After you have beaten them all, you will finally get all the parts to craft the Steinbjorn Armor. And boy, is this some armor.

mystic heirloom ragnarok
Mystical Heirloom in God Of War: Ragnarok

How to Find Mystic Heirloom

You should be done with the Forging Destiny before you go on a quest to find the Mystic Heirloom in God of War Ragnarok. Kratos will get a new item that is necessary to acquire the mysterious relic.

Now, head for Midgard. Go to Tyr’s Temple, located in the Lake of Nine. At the Southwestern corner, you will come across a weak spot to throw your weapon. Clear your way out, and you will see an ice cave. The Mystic Heirloom will be beside a dead body in there. Get your hands on it.

And that is all I had for the Mystic Heirloom in God of War Ragnarok. Prosst!

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