God Of War Ragnarok: How to Unlock Jotunheim

Here is how you can unlock Jotunheim in God Of War Ragnarok.

In God of War Ragnarok, you must go across different realms and learn all the game’s secrets. Players will have to move across 9 Realms to finish the game. Each Realm offers different rewards, missions, and enemies to defeat. Jotunheim is the same place where the last game ended, so unlocking it is a vital part of this game.

It is the only secret place where you can be entirely hidden from Odin. Furthermore, if you have finished the game and want to unlock Jotunheim and are confused about how to do it. Below we have made a complete guide on how to unlock Jotunhiem in God of war: Ragnarok.

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How to Unlock Jotunhiem in God of War: Ragnarok

As you reach about 40% of the main storyline, you will unlock the main storyline quest called “The Lost Sanctuary.” This quest will take you to the Realm of Giants: Jotunhiem, and you will be able to return to this Realm after you complete the story of the game.

In addition, as players complete the game, to get to Jotunhiem players will need a Yggdrasil seed. What’s more, is to get the Jotumhiem Yggdrasil seed and head over to Sindri’s House. When you reach his house, Ratatoskr will be waiting for you. Lastly, as you speak with him, he will reward you with the Jotunhiem seed and some seeds of some other realms.

God Of War Ragnarok: How to Unlock Jotunheim
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Now, head over to any Mystic Gateway and activate the Jotunhiem Sigil. Using the sigil, you can enter and collect all kinds of collectibles across the Realm of Giants: Jotunhiem. In fact, unlike other realms, in Jotunhiem, after the main story is finished, you will not have to fight any enemies. Rather you can just roam, talk with people and enjoy the view of once what the Giants saw.

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