Genshin Impact: Kazuha Banner 4 Star Rate Up Characters Leaked

A recent Genshin Impact leak has revealed the 4 star characters that are going to be rate up in Kazuha’s banner.

Genshin Impact’s 1.6 update is just a few days away and players are hyped to the max. After the new update drops, we are supposed to get a Klee banner rerun followed by Kazuha.

Kazuha is a wandering ronin from Inazuma and is currently living in the Crux Fleet of Liyue. He is an upcoming 5-star Anemo sword user. His backstory is that he was exiled from the land of Inazuma. But we don’t know the exact reason for that yet. We might learn more about his backstory once his story quest drops after his banner release.

Recently a leak surfaced that revealed the 4 star rate up characters in Kazuha’s banner.

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Kazuha Banner:

Lumie_lumie is a prominent Genshin Impact leaker and recently datamined Kazuha banner characters from the trial data. According to Lumie, Kazuha’s event banner will have the following rate up characters:

  • Kazuha
  • Rosaria
  • Bennett
  • Razor

If this is indeed Kazuha’s banner, then it’s going to be a very strong banner to pull on. A lot of Genshin Impact players are probably going to pull on Kazuha’s banner for multiple reasons.

First of all, the leaks that we saw of kazuha up until now makes him look like a very strong and fun character. Moreover, Players who missed out on Rosaria during the Childe banner rerun will definitely pull for her. Bennet on the other hand is considered one of the most useful supports in Genshin Impact and Razor is a very good physical DPS character.

This information was mined from the character trials that will become available after Kazuha’s banner drops. So take the leak with a grain of salt as this might change with the official release.

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