Genshin Impact Dev Discussion: Increased Load Limit, Skip Tubby Dialogue, Second Floor Room, Crafting in Coop, and More

Nawshad Noor
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Genshin Impact’s latest dev discussion talks about some of the upcoming changes to the Serenitea pot and crafting system.

Mihoyo recently released a dev discussion blog talking about some of the upcoming changes to Genshin Impact and questions some players might have. The May 24 dev discussion was released on Genshin Impact’s official forum Hoyolab.

In the dev discussion, Genshin Impact developers talked about some of their plans with the game as well as answered some questions from fans. They talked about the changes coming to the Serenitea Pot including load limit increase, Skippable Tubby Dialogue, unlocked second-floor rooms, crafting bench in co-op, and much more.

Below you will find a summary of the changes and the questions answered by the Mihoyo devs in the dev discussion.

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Developers Discussion:

Increased Load Limit for Serenitea Pot:

A lot of Genshin players have been asking for a load limit increase on their Serenitea Pot. Especially the outside since its load limit is disappointingly low. Mihoyo has decided to listen to the community.

Mihoyo developers said, “In Version 1.6, the developers have increased the load limit of the Serenitea Pot, but the actual load that Travelers can reach will depend on how much your device can support.”

Skib Tubby Dialogue:

Travelers need to speak with Tubby to manage almost everything about their Serenitea Pot. These actions can get cumbersome and annoying as Tubby says the same lines again and again. This coupled with the fact that in order to access a different option from Tubby you have to speak with him multiple times which can be very tiring.

But this will soon be over as Mihoyo developers are hard at work adding a feature where players will be able to skip Tubby’s dialogue and won’t need to repeat dialogues with Tubby.

“In Version 1.6, after Travelers have selected an option in the dialogue with Tubby, click return to head back to the previous menu. Travelers will no longer need to repeat the dialogue with Tubby to access other options.”

Paved Roads in Serenitea Pot:

In a future update, travelers will be able to design their very own paved roads in Serenitea pot. Apparently, this feature is currently in development.

Paimon said, “Paimon caught a glimpse of paved roads. Paimon also saw the team planning some stones with furnishings floating in the air. After smoothing out some rough edges, Travelers will get to try this feature out for themselves in a future update”.

Second Floor Room Unlocked:

The room on the second floor will be unlocked after the v1.6 update.

“From Version 1.6 onwards, the room on the second floor in the Serenitea Pot will open for decoration.”

Crafting Bench in Co-Op Mode:

Currently, if a player is in Co-op there is no way to access the Crafting Benches. This makes the whole co-op experience seem annoying and it’s also very awkward to ask co-op teammates to leave because you want to craft something.

But those days are over as very soon players will be able to access Crafting Benches while in co-op mode.

“Crafting items at the Crafting Bench in Co-Op Mode will be implemented in Version 1.6~ The unlocking of recipes will be subject to the Traveler’s own progress.

If the Traveler crafted while in a friend’s world, they will be able to keep the crafted item upon returning to their own world.”

Locate Co-Op teammates faster:

Currently when in co-op mode whenever a teammate teleports far away it becomes extremely difficult to locate them. But a new feature will make this process much quicker and hassle-free.

As said by the dev team,

“In Version 1.6, when a teammate is not within range of the currently displayed map area, a teammate marker will be displayed at the edge of the map. Travelers can click on that marker to quickly locate their teammates.”

Surely these changes will make life in Genshin Impact so much easier and we will also be able to see some beautiful Serenitea Pot creations in the future after these updates are implemented.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.