Genshin Impact: Furina Build Guide

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Credits: miHoYo

Wondering how to utilize Furina completely? This Furina build guide will show you how to build Furina optimally.

The Hydro Archon, Furina, is released as a playable character in Genshin Impact version 4.2 by miHoYo. She is a hydro support sword unit that can significantly boost your team’s overall damage and aligns exceptionally well with Fontaine characters.

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Her kit comes with several unique mechanisms, which can significantly buff your overall DPS if you can work your way around it.

For this Furina build guide, I have tested several team comps with the hydro archon and played around with her different styles to find the most optimal settings for Furina in a team.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Furina Talents

Furina Talents
Furina Talents

Talent Priority: Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill > Normal Attack

Normal Attack: Soloist’s Solicitation

Furina Elemental Skill Pneuma
Credits: miHoYo

Furina performs up to 4 consecutive slashes with her sword, which will deal physical damage.

Charged Attack

Her charge attack allows Furina to change her Arkhe Alignment from Ousia to Pneuma; the default setting is Ousia.

Depending on the Arkhe Alignment, you may do additional hydro damage upon completing normal attack rotation.

In Ousia, you will be able to trigger Surging Blade to fall, while in Pneuma, Spirit Breaath Thorn will descend on the field to deal hydro damage to your enemies.

Plunging Attack

Furina plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Salon Solitaire

Furina Elemental Skill
Furina Elemental Skill

Similar to the normal attack, Furina’s elemental skill also has two variations depending on her Arkhe Alignment.

Ousia allows her to summon Salon Members, who will target nearby enemies dealing hydro damage. If the party’s HP is over 50%, then the summoned creatures will increase their damage by draining every character’s HP.

The damage increase is based on the number of characters losing their HP. 1/2/3/4 character will increase the damage by 110/120/130/140%.

Pneuma state will allow Furina to heal her party based on her max HP. This way, Furina will get back the HP the party lost during her Ousia state.

Elemental Burst: Let the People Rejoice

Furina Elemental Burst
Furina Elemental Burst

The pivotal point of Furina’s Kit is her elemental burst. This is an AoE-based hydro attack that scales with Furina’s Max HP. Upon triggering the elemental burst, the entire party will enter the Universal Revelery state.

During this state, when the HP of any party member increases or decreases, Furina will obtain fanfare points based on the change in HP among your party. Overall damage and healing will increase depending on the Fanfare point your Furina has obtained.

  • Max Fanfare Points: 300
  • Fnfare to DMG Conversion: 0.24
  • Energy Cost: 60
  • Cooldown: 15s

Passive Talent #1: Endless Waltz

When an active character receives healing, and if it is not Furina who heals and the healing overflows, Furina will heal a nearby party member for 2% of their Max HP once every 2s within the next 4s.

Passive Talent #2: Unheard Confession

For every 1000 HP points of Furina Max HP, she can buff the Arkhe-aligned Salon Solitaire in the following ways: increase Salon Member dmg dealt by 0.7% up to 28% and decrease active character healing interval of the Singers of the Streams by 0.4% up to 15%

Passive Talent #3: The Sea is My Stage

Xenochromatic Fontemer Aberrant ability CD decreased by 30%

Furina Constellations

Furina Constellations
Furina Constellations
Constellation #Constellation NameDescription
1Like a Recalcitrant Bird, Love is Deaf to PleadingWhen using Let the People Rejoice, Furina will gain 150 Fanfare. Additionally, Furina’s Fanfare limit is increased by 100.
2Let Us Raise the Chalice of Love!While Let the People Rejoice lasts, Furina’s Fanfare gain from increases or decreases in nearby characters’ HP is increased by 250%. Each point of Fanfare above the limit will increase Furina’s Max HP by 0.35%. Her maximum Max HP increase is 140%.
3His Name I Now Know, It Is…!Increases the Level of Let the People Rejoice by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
4They Know Not Life, Who Dwelt in the Netherworld Not!When the Salon Members from Salon Solitaire hit an opponent, or the Singer of Many Waters restores HP to the active character, Furina will restore 4 Energy. This effect triggers once every 5s.
5My Secrets I Hide, Unknown to All Increases the level of Salon Solitaire by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
6A Woman Adapts Like Duckweed in Water When using the Elemental Skill “Salon Solitaire,” Furina gains “Center of Attention” for 10s. Throughout the duration, Furina’s Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and Plunging Attacks are converted into Hydro DMG, which cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion. Moreover, DMG is also increased by an amount equivalent to 15% of Furina’s max HP.

Throughout the duration, Furina’s Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and the impact of Plunging Attacks will cause different effects up to every 0.1s after hitting opponents depending on her current Arkhe alignment: Ousia: Every 1s, all nearby characters in the party will be healed by 4% of Furina’s max HP for a duration of 2.5s.

Triggering this effect again will extend its duration. Pneuma: This Normal Attack, Charged Attack, or Plunging Attack ground impact DMG will be further increased by an amount equivalent to 20% of Furina’s max HP. When any of the attacks mentioned previously hit an opponent, all nearby characters in the party will consume 1% of their current HP.

During the duration of each instance of “Center of Attention,” the above effects can be triggered up to 7 times. “Center of Attention” will end when its effects have been triggered 7 times or when the duration expires.
Furina Constellation Details

Furina Artifact Set Guide

Furina Artifacts
Best Artifact for Furina

The best artifact for Furina is the 4 piece Golden Troupe set. This is due to the fact that the 2 pieces will allow her to increase her elemental skill damage by 20%, and the 4 pieces will increase the damage further by 25%.

If you don’t have better stats in Golden Troupe, then you can do well with 4-piece Noblese Oblige or 2-piece Noblese & 2-piece Golden Troupe.

Best Stats for Furina

Furina Stats
Furina Stats
ArtifactStat Priority (Main/Sub)
FlowerHP/Crit Rate (CR), Crit Damage (CD), Energy Recharge (ER)
FeatherATK/CD, CR ,HP%, HP, ER
SandsHP%/CD, CR, HP, ER
GobletHP%, Hydro Damage Bonus/ CD, CR, HP%, HP, ER
CircletCR, CD/HP%, ER
Furina Best Stats

Best Weapons for Furina

Furina weapon
Furina weapon

Here are the weapons, which in my opinion, work best with Furina’s character.

Splendor of Tranquil WatersThe best weapon for Furina will always be her signature weapon, Splendor of Tranquil Waters; it offers a bit low base ATK compared to other 5 stars but makes up for it with a massive Crit Damage substat and passive that increases her support damage significantly.
Primordial Jade CutterWhile the Jade Cutter doesn’t have high ATK stats, it provides a good amount of crit rate and HP passive that your Furina will definitely benefit from.
Festering DesireWithout any doubt, the best 4-star and F2P option is the Festering Desire. With energy recharge substat and burst improvement, this is a great choice. But this is an event weapon tracing back to patch 1.02.
Furina Best Weapons

Furina Build Type: Burst Support

The main role Furina will play in a team is to be a Burst support. Her best team comps can be the following:

  • Hu Tao + Yelan + Jean/Bennet(C6) + Furina
  • Furina + Neuvillette + Flex + Healer
  • Wriothesley + Furina + Kazuha +Healer
  • Furina + Alhaitham + Nahida + Kuki
  • Nilou + Furina + Nahida + Baizu
  • Noelle + Furina + Gorou + Zhongli

Jean with Veridiscent will be one of the best for Furina as you will be able to reach max Fanfare points easily. Another addition can be Kokomi or Barbara. She is a versatile unit so try different comps until you find the right one.

Furina Playstyle

Furina Playstyle
Credits: miHoYo

Furina will be filling the support role and require a healer in her team. You must use her elemental skill first and then her burst to maximize her potential. Ousia seems to be the best choice in this case because you will be running a healer anyway, so Pneuma isn’t that effective.

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