Genshin Impact: Best DPS Characters Tier-List (2023): Ranking All the Characters from Worst to Best

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Credit: miHoYo

If you are saving your primogems to grab the best DPS character in Genshin Impact, then this guide is for you.

DPS characters are your primary damage dealers who will remain in the field the most. You will need a good amount of time & investment on your main DPS, so finding the right one is quite important. miHoYo has made sure to offer unique DPS characters, and more are on their way soon.

However, finding the best DPS characters in a game like Genshin Impact can be difficult, as different playstyles, constellation effects, and support requirements change the perspective from one player to another.

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That being said, by analyzing the spiral abyss data and the overall popularity, I have put together the Genshin Impact best DPS characters tier list based on my opinion.

Remember, this list is based on my own experience with the characters and the spiral abyss pick of most players of the game.

Every character in the game is unique and is able to dish out an insane amount of damage with the proper investment. So, if you don’t find your preferred main here, don’t question their effectiveness if they are enabling you to obtain 9 stars on floor 12.  

Best DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

Top 10 DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

Here are our picks for the top 10 DPS characters in Genshin Impact, going from worst to best.

10. Ayaka

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 16.3%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Ayaka
Credit: MiHoYo

One of the best cryo DPS in the game; everything about Ayaka screams freeze teams. This is a pro and con for her at the same time as she fails to shine outside of freeze comps.

Recent abyss rotations haven’t been in the favor of freeze teams which is showcased in the lower pick rate of Ayaka.

While her burst damage is one of the best in the game, you can unlock her full potential through constellations and 5-star weapon investment. She is completely usable with F2P builds and 4-star weapons, but the damage is significantly lower.

Also, if you truly want to utilize Ayaka’s kit, then you will need the ideal supports to do so, and all of her best supports are 5-star limited characters, which makes building a team around her quite costly.

And I believe that cost (both resource & Primogems) isn’t necessary for a team that is only viable during certain matchups. That’s why she ranks 10th on this list.

9. Ayato

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 16.9%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Ayato
Credit: MiHoYo

On his initial release, Ayato was regarded as a driver for his team. However, that story changed after the Sumeru update and the inclusion of Dendro reactions in the game.

If you want to have fast-paced hyperbloom-based damage, then Ayato is your pick. His elemental skill allows him to apply fast hydro and inflict very good damage, and his ult is an AoE hydro attack that marks enemies with hydro. This easy status effect implementation makes him the perfect choice for hyperbloom and electro teams.

Moreover, building him is not as resource-hungry as Ayaka. And he has good artifact options and F2P-friendly team comps and weapons. His true potential is locked behind his constellations, but even at C0, he is a good driver and DPS, which makes him rank 9th on the list.

8. Tartaglia

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 23.4%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Tartaglia
Credit: MiHoYo

Tartaglia is the first 5-star DPS banner character in the limited wish banner. He offers a unique playstyle that allows him to switch from range to melee with the help of his elemental skill. As his attacks apply hydro to your opponents, he resonates perfectly with any hydro-based elemental reactions.

You can do fine without unlocking his constellations if you can get the right weapons and artifacts. He isn’t that hard to build and has some of the best easy-to-obtain 4-star supports.

That’s why he is often used in the national team as a DPS driver. But Tartaglia best shines in Vape-Nuke teams due to the high multiplier on his burst. Due to this versatility, he is ranked 8 on the list.

7. Nilou

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 26.4%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Nilou
Credit: MiHoYo

The character, Nilou, was created based on the bloom and hyperbloom mechanic of Genshin Impact. If you want to use her optimally, you will need good Dendro support, preferably the Dendro archon, Nahida, in your squad, as it will help apply Dendro faster.

She requires quite a commitment, but with Dendro teams being the meta right now, you can dish out massive amounts of damage with Nilou if you can play your cards right.

Her hyperbloom damage scaling is almost unappareled in Genshin at the moment; that’s why she easily takes the 7th spot on the list. The community data also agrees with this claim, as she is featured heavily in the latest Spiral Abyss teams.

6. Yae Miko

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 27.4%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Yae Miko
Credit: MiHoYo

Next on the list at number 6 is Yae Miko. While many disapproved of her on her initial release, with the help of Dendro & quicken reactions, she has now become one of the strongest DPS characters in Genshin.

Put her in a team with a good Dendro applicator and see her tomes dealing massive amount of DoT. Pair that up with good timing of her burst, and you will be able to obliterate everything.

Moreover, she has good 4-star weapon options like the Widsith, which at times can outperform 5-star weapons as well. Furthermore, farming for her artifacts isn’t that much of a hassle either, as you can opt for Strongbox for those and farm for the artifacts for your support.

5. Hu Tao

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 30.7%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Hu Tao
Credit: MiHoYo

Considered the strongest of the Liyue big three, Hu Tao is still blazing the DPS charts even when the current DPS meta revolves around Dendro reactions.

Reaction-based damage is what Hu-Tao is known best for. Her burst can generate an insane amount of damage, and with the ‘Crimson Witch’ set, her elemental skill-powered charge attacks can create astonishing vape damage.

Hu Tao’s C1 is arguably one of the best C1’s in the game and is something that I personally would recommend you to invest in. Her best in-slot weapon is the ‘Staff of Homa’, but you have some decent 4-star and 5-star options that bring more out of your Hu-Tao.

This is why I have placed her in the 5th position in this tier list.

4. Wanderer

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 32%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Wandarer
Credit: MiHoYo

For single-target and multiple-target DPS, Wanderer is a great choice. Building him doesn’t require much investment and is pretty straightforward. High crit rate ascension status is a plus in this case.

Just level up his ult and elemental skill, and you are ready. Understanding his elemental skill and proper team rotation will make you bring the most out of Wanderer. What’s more, he has a completely viable 4-star team that doesn’t require any 5-star help, which is why he is ranked at 4 in this list.

3. Alhaitham

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 36.1%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Alhaitham
Credit: MiHoYo

Alhaitham is the poster child for Dendro. You can pair him up with different Dendro-based teams and see the damage numbers popping off. His unique mechanic, the Dendro mirrors, makes him extremely versatile.

You will have multiple artifact options and playstyles to choose from when selecting Alhaitham as your main DPS. He is viable for the burst DPS role and the on-field DPS role.

I personally prefer the on-field DPS role much better. He doesn’t need much strong support investment to pull out the big numbers.

Moreover, his burst ensures a huge Dendro damage output and recharges very fast. Along with the elemental skill, he is a force to reckon with. Through his fast-paced gameplay & high damage multipliers with Dendro reactions, he has easily become a fan favorited and took 3rd place on this best DPS tier list.

2. Raiden  

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 50.8%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Raiden
Credit: MiHoYo

For a single DPS, there is no match to Ei or Raiden. Her elemental burst is still one of the most destructive forces in Genshin Impact and won’t be dethroned that easily. The elemental skill also provides good support for her teammates, making her one of the most all-time picked characters by Genshin players.

Her constellations are a big improvement in her damage but not the most necessary upgrade you will need. Moreover, she has one of the best free 4-star weapons in the game: ‘The Catch,’ and her artifact domain offers arguably the most versatile artifact sets.

Raiden works extremely well with 4-star characters, especially in the national team. Her elemental skill is also another perk for teams that are struggling with energy recharge.

So, not only does she fill the role of a DPS, she’s also able to fill the role of a support as well. Because of that, she is ranked as the 2nd most strongest DPS in the game.

1. Yelan

Spiral Abyss Usage Rate: 72.2%

Genshin Impact Best DPS Yelan
Credit: MiHoYo

Lastly, if you are looking for a DPS, Support, or Driver for your team, Yelan fills all these roles. She’s the most versatile character Genshin has released so far.

The primary source of Yelan’s damage comes from her elemental burst. At C0, she is a decent DPS but primarily focused on a support role. But as the constellations increase, she starts to become the nightmare to your opponents.

Her normal attack, elemental skill, and burst all increase her damage as you put more constellations. A properly built Yelan can even take on Spiral Abyss all by herself. She also has easy-to-get four-star support and a wide array of 5-star & 4-star weapon options.

With all these benefits and large damage numbers, Yelan takes the 1st place in this best DPS character tierlist.

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