Genshin Impact: Standard Banner Characters Tier-List (2023)- Ranking All the Characters from Worst to Best

Asil Ahsan
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Credits: miHoYo

Check this Genshin Impact standard banner characters tier list to find out which characters can improve your team.

Standard banner characters are an underrated part of Genshin Impact. But they can be a hidden gem that you just haven’t used yet.

Whether you’ve lost your 50-50 or pulled in the standard banner with your acquaint fates, you are bound to encounter the Standard 5-star characters one way or the other. All of them have different purposes and can be useful based on the teams you are aiming for.

So, if you are bummed out for not getting the current event character, then take a look at the standard 5 stars that may bring a fresh change to gameplay and even increase your DPS.

Therefore, follow this Standard banner character tier list to find out which character might be perfect for you!

Best Standard Banner Characters in Genshin Impact (A Complete Tier List)

Genshin Impact: Standard Banner Characters Tier-List
Credits: miHoYo

Top 7 Standard Banner Characters in Genshin Impact

Here are the top 7 Standard Banner Characters in Genshin Impact, going from Worst to Best.

7. Dehya

Standard Banner Characters Dehya
Credits: miHoYo

Dehya was the second Sumeru region character that was introduced in the standard banner after Tighnari. While her character arc and story make her a unique and standalone character, gameplay-wise, she still doesn’t have a lot going on.

The initial role for Dehya was to be a tank that could replace the role of shielders in the game. But her kit didn’t have any unique attributes, buffs, or damage negation that allowed her to be picked over other viable and more reliable options.

Moreover, DPS output from Dehya was equally bad. For instance, her elemental skill allows players to deal AoE pyro damage based on her Max HP and ATK, but it will be triggered once every 2.5 seconds, which is a very long time if you are looking for a tank to survive the 12 floors of the abyss. Having said that, the resistance to interruption is a good addition, but you will still take damage, which isn’t ideal.

On the other hand, Dehya’s elemental burst doesn’t live up to the hype well. You do damage based on her Max HP and ATK, but even that isn’t enough to play her as a burst DPS. Furthermore, her constellations don’t add much to the mix, either. That’s why she’s ranked the lowest in this list with the D tier.

6. Qiqi

Standard Banner Characters Qiqi
Credits: miHoYo

While we all love our healer zombie girl, Qiqi is placed on the C tier of our list due to her mediocre support & DPS quality. She is a great healer but requires too much on-field time to be effective.

Her normal and charged attacks don’t provide proper damage multipliers to be considered a good normal attack DPS. That said, Qiqi’s elemental skill allows her to heal her party members periodically. She can also heal herself and others by doing normal and charged attacks while the skill is active.

But this means she will have to be the active character attacking while others heal, and what’s more, her skill doesn’t trigger any elemental orb, meaning you won’t be recharging your burst with the skill.

Furthermore, her burst takes away the requirement of needing her on the field to heal with attacks. It marks the enemies around her burst, and the character that hits those targets can heal themselves.

Her constellations also offer some additional buffs on the targeted enemies and increase her personal damage a bit. So, in conclusion, her healing is great, but overall team synergy isn’t up to the task, which is why she is placed low on this tier list.

5. Jean

Standard Banner Characters Jean
Credits: miHoYo

The current grandmaster of the Knights of Favonious is up next, and she can easily be placed in the A tier, but due to some constellation obstacles, she is placed in the B tier.

Jean’s normal attacks aren’t the best out there, but her charge attacks can apply a stun-like effect, which can be useful for overworld mobs and exploration.

Moreover, her elemental skill is quite interesting, as you can group small to mid-sized enemies and then throw them in a specific direction. Furthermore, you can inflict fall damage on them if you make them airborne.

In addition to that, her burst creates a healing circle where Jean and her party members will get instant healing, and the healing will continue as long as the circle is active.

When you reach her constellation 4, this circle also provides a 40% anemo resistance decrease, making anemo attacks much more effective. Pair it up with the right artifacts, and you can have an amazing anemo burst support. Her C1, C2 & C6 also improve her overall damage & healing potential.

If she could provide the resistance shred buff without the constellation, she would’ve been an easy choice for the A tier and even the S tier, but as of now, she is placed on the B tier.

4. Diluc

Standard Banner Characters Diluc
Credits: miHoYo

The go-to main 5-star DPS character upon Genshin’s release was Diluc. While this wine merchant by day and Batman by night is still a strong damage dealer for your team, with all the new characters releasing, he’s losing the spotlight every day.

Diluc can be a strong addition to your team, especially with constellation. His playstyle is quite simple, but he needs strong support to be effective in combat.

Due to pyro being one of the strong reaction elements, you can pair it up with cryo or hydro for reaction-based damage. He isn’t the optimal choice for burgeon-based teams, but you can still give it a try.

Dragon strike is a prominent way to use Diluc, as he has a high plunge damage scaling. You can also use Diluc with limited 5-star characters with constellations like C4 Ayaka.

For this versatility and damage effectiveness, we have rated Diluc at the A tier.

3. Keqing

Standard Banner Characters Keqing
Credits: miHoYo

Before the release of dendro, Keqing was rated quite low when it came to listing standard banner characters. But now, with the quicken teams, Keqing has become one of the finest DPS you can include if you want a decent quicken hypercarry team with modest investments.

Her elemental skill allows her to infuse her blade with electro, which can easily trigger quicken on dendro-affected enemies. But her 40-cost burst is the main winner, as it can dish out AoE electro damage and sync in perfectly with elemental skill uptime.

Her constellations improve her overall DPS by increasing the damage of her elemental skill C1, providing more particles at C2, increasing reaction-based damage on C4, and amping up electro damage on her C6.

Pair her with decent dendro supports like Nahida or Collei, and you will see the damage numbers start to climb in no time. That’s why Keqing is S tier in this list.

2. Mona

Standard Banner Characters Mona
Credits: miHoYo

While the priorities of standard banner characters go up and down over time, Mona has been a constant S tier since patch 1. This is due to her amazing support capability, low-cost build, and highly effective overworld exploration benefits.

Moreover, Mona’s elemental skill allows her to taunt enemies and apply hydro on them, which allows you to go for hydro-based reactions like Vaporize or Freeze. But that is not what makes Mona one of the best.

Her elemental burst, ‘Stellaris Phantasm, ‘ traps small opponents in a large area, slows down the larger one, and applies omen on each of them. Opponents that are marked by the omen take increased damage. This damage depends on the burst talent level of Mona.

What’s more, Mona is a catalyst user, which allows her to use the ‘Thrilling Tales of Dragonslayers‘ catalyst. This can improve the ATK percentage of the character you switch after Mona by 48%, with refinement at level 5. Pair this up with a noblesse set and her ult, and your Mona is going to make your main DPS hit 10 times harder.

1. Tighnari

Best Standard Banner Character Tighnari
Credits: miHoYo

Where Dehya failed, MiHoyo compensated with Tighnari. He is a great 5-star dendro damage dealer who takes your dendro teams to the next level.

His elemental skill opens up an AoE dendro flew, and his bursts have decent multipliers to make him a perfect A-tier character. But it is his charged attack and constellations that make him stand out the most and crowns him at SS tier.

Tighnari has a unique two-level charge attack. Level 1 is the standard charge attacks you find from other bow users. But it is the second level he shoots a ‘Wreath Arrow‘ which shoots an additional 4 clusterbloom arrows to the enemy, but reaching the 2nd level takes a good amount of time.

That is where his elemental skill comes in. Pressing the elemental skill, you will be able to take three level 2 charge shots in a short duration. This way, you can put out a large amount of dendro damage just by hitting your elemental skill.

What’s more, all of his constellation focuses on building personal damage or overall damage to the party. Make him an effective choice if you want to use him as burst support or just charge attack spammer.

From here on, it depends on what type of team you are going to build around Tighnari. He’s a great choice for both the Hyberbloom and Quicken teams, so test them out to find your best option.

This is why, for us, Tighnari is undoubtedly the best character you can personally have from the standard banner.

There you have it; that concludes the Genshin Impact standard banner characters tier list. Let’s hope Fontaine releases new characters in the standard banner to bring some changes to our current standings. Till then, best of luck!

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