Genshin Impact Developer Mihoyo is Opening a new office in Canada, Will work on AAA Open-World Action-Adventure Shooting Game “Project x”

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After the success of Genshin Impact, Mihoyo is going global.

Mihoyo is a Chinese animation studio and game company based in Shanghai, China. It was first formed back in 2012 by three students and currently has more than 2400 employees. Mihoyo is the creator of games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, and Honkai Academy 2. Their newest game, Honkai Star Rail is a turn-based RPG that’s currently in closed beta test.

Mihoyo’s most significant success to this date is Genshin Impact, an open world action-adventure RPG. Genshin Impact was released back in 2020 and is one of the highest-grossing mobile games ever. Because of the success of Genshin Impact, Mihoyo’s revenue generation last year was more than 1.5 Billion USD which is approximately a 400% increase compared to 2019. And now Mihoyo has revealed their plan for the future.

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Mihoyo New official in Montreal,Canada:

In a recent announcement, Mihoyo announced the news about opening a new office in Canada. Daniel Ahmed on Twitter made a report on this topic. Daniel’s tweet talks about Mihoyo’s new Montreal office.

It is an R&D studio and will hire more than 100+ employees over 2 years. The studio will also focus its next 2 years of development on open-world AAA shooter games.

The open-world game that Mihoyo talks about in the announcement has been in development for quite some time now. The game was also revealed by Nvidia during GTC 2019 under the title ‘Project X’.

Project game x promo image Credit: ValKsimple Reddit

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