Genshin Impact “Cat’s Tail Gathering” TCG Community Tournament: Important Dates, How to Register, Eligibility, Prizes, and More

Nawshad Noor
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HoYoverse finally announced a Genshin Impact TCG community Tournament called “Cat’s Tail Gathering.”

Genshin Impact, at its core, is an action RPG game. The game was developed by HoYoverse, previously known as MiHoYo. Genshin Impact has Anime graphics with a heavy focus on elemental combat mechanics. Each character in Genshin Impact is associated with one of the seven elements, and the reactions between these elements is what are used to deal massive damage to enemies.

But after 2 years of doing the same elemental reactions, some players are a little burnt out. So back in December of 2022, during the 3.3 update, HoYoverse released the Genshin Impact card game called The Genius Invokation TCG.

In this card game, each character is a card and a very extensive battle system is implemented, making it a totally separate game from Genshin. Since its release, players have been collecting all the cards and coming up with different strategies to defeat their opponents.

And now HoYoverse wants to test out the skills of the playerbase to find out the best of the best. Just a few days ago, HoYoverse announced a TCG tournament for players based in the USA. And now, after months of TCG being out, we finally have a community tournament. The name of the TCG community tournament is Cat’s Tail Gathering,” and more than $150000 cash prizes are up for grabs for the winners.

The event is organized by Tavern and authorized by HoYoverse. So it’s a third-party tournament. But still, we are happy to finally get a TCG tournament, as we will get to witness the ultimate duels between TCG masters.

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Official Twitter Announcement

To make it official, the official Genshin Impact Twitter made an announcement. The Tweet reads,

“The “Cat’s Tail Gathering S1,” a Genius Invokation TCG community competition organized by Tavern and authorized by HoYoverse, is now officially open!

Those who are interested can find out more by clicking on the link below~

We also got a Tweet from Astra Carnival stating that registration for the Genshin Impact Cat’s Tail Gathering” TCG S1 is now open.

“【Cat’s Tail Gathering S1】 Registration for Community Tournament is open!

Genius Invokation TCG enthusiasts, assemble! This is where the greatest duelists start their journey! ▼For more Information

Cat’s Tail Gathering” TCG Community Tournament Details

Important Dates

Registration Period: April 17 – April 23
Qualifiers Duration: April 24 – April 30
Elimination Tournament Duration: May 8 – May 13


  1. Participants must reach Genius Invokation TCG Player Level 4 or higher.
  2. Participants must be able to stream on Discord and record their screens. (The last phase of the Elimination Tournament will be recorded.)
  3. Participants must join the Genshin Impact Tavern Discord Server.
    *Server Link:

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How to Register

  1. Obtain the Pleb role after joining the Genshin Impact Tavern Discord Server.
  2. Go to the [#Register] channel under the Cat’s Tail Gathering S1.
  3. Click Register and fill out your registration information to participate in the event.
  4. If you have any questions, please check the #tournament-faq channel for FAQs or post your questions in the #cats-tail-discussions channel.
    *Check out the video below to learn how to register and participate in the event.

Registration Link >>>

How to Participate >>>

YouTube video


Champion: 1000 USD
First Runner-Up: 600 USD
Second Runner-Up: 300 USD
Fourth Place: 100 USD
Fifth – Eighth Place: 50 USD
*Travelers will be divided based on the servers their game accounts are from (Asia, America, and Europe Servers). Each server has its own prize pool.

Contest Format

  1. Qualifiers: B01, no limitation on Decks.
  2. Elimination Tournament: BO3, no repeated use of Character cards. *Character Cards that have been used in previous matches cannot be used again.

Cat’s Tail gathering Q&A

  1. What is “Cat’s Tail Gathering”?
    The “Cat’s Tail Gathering” is a Genius Invokation TC competition organized by the Genshin Impact Tavern community and authorized by HoYoverse. Participants will accrue points through matches. During the one-week-long Qualifiers, participants will match with other contenders multiple times, and winners will accumulate points over the course. The top 16 will enter the Elimination Tournament to contest for the championship and the grand prizes!
  2. Who are eligible to participate in the “Cat’s Tail Gathering” competition?
    The “Cat’s Tail Gathering” Genius Invokation TCG Community Competition is available to all Travelers. Reach Player Level 4 or higher and join the Genshin Impact Tavern Discord Community to register!
  3. What’s the relationship between the Cat’s Tail Gathering and the “Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup”?
    “Cat’s Tail Gathering” is a part of the “Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup.” Participants who stand out in the “Cat’s Tail Gathering” Community Competition will have the chance to be invited to the “Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup”! We will release details about the Prince Cup soon. Please stay tuned.

Prince Cup Genius Invokation TCG Duel Event Info

Witness ingenious strategies, extraordinary gameplay, and game-changing moves in the upcoming Genius Invokation TC tournament! From March to May this year, we will be hosting Genius Invokation TC Invitationals in Japan, Europe, and the Americas, where players can share their card tricks and forge new friendships.

From May onwards, the Genshin Impact Tavern will organize the Cat’s Tail Gathering event. We will be inviting outstanding card players from Japan, Korea, SouthEast Asia, Europe, and the Americas to take part in their respective region’s “Astra Carnival: Prince Cup,” where the best player from each region will be decided.

Whether you’re an amateur TC lover or an experienced player, you won’t want to miss this grand event in Teyvat!

Additionally, we will be holding a “Mid-year Star Tournament” and a “Year-end Invitational” this year. Outstanding players will gather to showcase their skills and demonstrate their expert Genius Invokation TC strategies!

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.