Genshin Impact “A Journey Through Pages” Web Event: Duration, Guide, Rewards, Eligibility, and More

The Genshin Impact “A Journey Through Pages” Web Event is live, and players can get up to 120 Primogems and other in-game rewards.

Genshin Impact v3.0 update is coming out in a few days. The new update will introduce the Sumeru region, the land of Dendro. With the update, we will get many new characters, puzzles, enemies, quests, chests, etc.

So, naturally, the hype for the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.0 Update is at an all-time high. To keep players busy in the meantime, HoYoverse recently introduced a new web event called “A Journey Through Pages”. Players participating in this event can earn up to 120 primogems for absolutely free without much effort.

Below you will find all details about the “A Journey Through Pages” web event, including the duration, eligibility, event description, guide, rewards, and more.

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A Journey Through Pages Web Event Details:


Aug. 17 – Aug. 23, 23:59 (UTC+8).


Travelers who have reached Adventure Rank 10 or above can participate in this event.

Event Description:

During the event, you can log in to Genshin Impact every day and complete Daily Commissions, consume Original Resin, and other missions to obtain Activity Points. Accumulated Activity Points can earn you Encounter Pieces, which can be pieced together in the gameplay interface to continuously expand the map. Travelers can switch to Exploration mode to unlock various encounters on the map and interact with them. Accumulate unlocked Encounter Records to receive rewards such as Primogems.


First, you need to go to the official A Journey Through Pages HoYolab event page. There, just follow the onscreen prompts. You will need to explore the pages and complete encounters to complete the web event.

Complete daily activities in Genshin Impact and then use the encounter pieces to fill in the page and finally explore. While exploring, follow the arrow on your character’s head to find encounters.

Arrow on Character's head leading towards Encounters
Arrow on Character’s head leading towards Encounters

How to Get Encounter Pieces:

For every 50 Activity Points, you can unlock one Encounter Piece. There are seven Pieces waiting for Travelers to unlock! Travelers can obtain Activity Points through the following methods:

  • Complete the following actions in Genshin Impact every day such as:
    • log into Genshin Impact every day, complete two Daily Commissions, and consume 40 Original Resin.
    • Complete the following actions on the website such as:
      • logging into the web event daily, etc.

*Daily missions refresh daily at 04:00 (Server Time).

*Activity Points need to be collected manually in the event page. Activity Points that have not been collected will also be reset when daily missions are refreshed the next day. So, remember to collect them.

Obtain Encounter Pieces
Obtain Encounter Pieces
Encounter Piece Obtain Page
Encounter Piece Obtain Page

Unlocking Encounter Records:

  1. After unlocking the Encounter Pieces, Travelers can put together and rotate them in the gameplay page. When placing them, you can observe the color of the piece’s ground more often, which will help to place them in the correct position!
  2. You can also switch to Exploration Mode to trigger encounters and collect Encounter Records. Accumulate and unlock encounters to get Primogems and other rewards.
  3. On each piece, (except for the initial piece), there is one fixed encounter that you can explore after placing it.
  4. When a particular border of two pieces is spliced together, an additional special encounter is triggered, out of a total of four such special encounters. (Once triggered, special encounters are fixed on the map only after interaction and unlocking in Exploration Mode. If you haven’t already interacted with the encounter in Exploration Mode, you can take the two pieces apart and the special encounter will disappear.)
  5. When all nine pieces are placed correctly, an additional special encounter will also be triggered. So, there are 13 encounters in total for the event waiting to be explored!
Encounter Records
Encounter Records


“Encounter Records” Unlock Rewards

  • Travelers will get rewards after unlocking 1, 3, 6, 9, and 13 Encounter Records.
  • Rewards include:
    • Primogems x120,
    • Hero’s Wit x9,
    • Mystic Enhancement Ore x8, and
    • Mora x60,000.

*Rewards need to be collected manually. Rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Please claim them in time.

  • First Share Rewards
    • During the event, share the event for the first time and obtain Mora x 10,000.

*The in-game rewards will be distributed via in-game mail. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim the rewards in time.
*This web event is provided purely for entertainment. It is not indicative of any related gameplay features in Genshin Impact.

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