G2 nukkye shares his opinion about the environment of North American VALORANT ranked

Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Ranked matches on VALORANT can be a wonderful experience or a very grey one. According to nukkye, it might depend on the region.

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Recently, Žygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas has been recruited into the overhauled G2 VALROANT roster. The First Strike champion 23-year-old eSports professional shared his view about the North American VALORANT ranked scene in a recent tweet. 

According to him, the North American scene provides a lot better ranked experience than its European counterpart. nukkye pointed out the lack of English speakers in Europe as a key factor. Additionally, he also mentioned muted players & sensitive attitudes as problems too. At some point, all high-profile European VALORANT professionals have complained about the quality of matchmaking in their region. The situation regarding the Russian players worried everyone.

Russian player base makes up a huge portion of the European VALORANT community. Since the release of VALORANT, Russian players were restricted from using voice chat due to some laws from the Russian administration. Only recently, Riot is finally allowing them to use voice chat features in-game.

A few weeks ago, TenZ also gave his verdict after playing with European players from Iceland. Tyson positioned North American ranked experience as superior to the European one. Although, Tyson also stated that Europe offered a better environment for scrim matches. 

The European VALORANT scene is massive and the player base consists of multiple countries. While the language barrier is an issue itself, the sensitive attitude and lack of communication are obstacles too. Riot has to step in & investigate further about this stream of complaints from professional players.

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