VALORANT Cinematic Short “Raze: The Color of the Town” is out now!

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image via Riot Games

Riot has been teasing fans with lore pictures relating to Raze for quite a while on their social media. Finally, they released a new animated short surrounding our favorite explosive agent.

This Cinematic short was released in celebration of 1 year of Valorant. During this time, they had released a lot of other cinematic shorts as well with “Duelists” being the Official Launch cinematic trailer featuring Phoneix trying to stop a rogue Jett. The second one was dubbed “Retake” and it was released at the start of Episode 2 featuring Yoru and Phoenix stopping an attack on Icebox. The latest one was the “Duality” which shed more light on the in-game lore.

YouTube video

The latest short featured Raze in her Brazillian hometown. She entered into a workshop to repair a Bomb buddy which appears to be from Mirror Earth. But she could not finish due to a text from Breach sending her a location. She exploded out of the city using her blast packs to assist her teammates in the line of fire.

Then we jump to some of the best, unique, crazy, and creative raze plays from players all around the world, the majority of who are from Brazil. It included clips of people skilled in gunfights, methodical use of her special abilities to turn the tide of games, and even clutches and frags with cinematic animations in-between. The cinematic video features Daniela Mercury’s remix of “O Canto da Cidade” as the background music which goes well with the clips.

This new teaser could hint at Cinematic shorts for every VALORANT Agent, fans speculate.

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