Future Crystalis Motus Skins Revealed

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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In the latest Dev Update, Riot has shared the new champions receiving future Crystalis Motus skins in League of Legends.

In the recent past, Riot has made a lot of different types of skins in League of Legends. We have the grim-looking Inkshadow skins, the varied Faerie Court skins, the goofy Cats vs Dogs skins, space-themed Astronaut skins, and so on. This brings a lot of different cosmetics into the game that allows players to choose between them.

In Patch 13.12, Riot unveiled the new Crystalis Motus Mythic Skin Line, and Leona was the first recipient of that skin line. The theme is mostly about maintaining the Mythic colors (purple) and then blending them in with the concept of crystals in terms of visuals and audio. So far, the unveiling of that particular skin has been great.

Many wondered what more we would be getting out of this skin line and how many more skins would get. Thus, in the recent Dev Update video and Devblog, Riot has revealed the future grantees of a Crystalis Motus skin.

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Future Crystalis Motus Skins

Per Riot’s new update, Taliyah and Ashe will receive the future Crystalis Motus skins. Both of those skins are slated to be released later this year. However, Riot did not specify when we are getting them and which one of the two champions is getting it first.

We will have to wait for a future update from Riot to learn more about when they are coming and what they will look like.

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