Fortnite x Free Guys Collaboration: Decrypted Skin, Free Emote, Challenges, and more

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

A Fortnite x Free Guy Collaboration is coming to Fortnite along with a skin, free emote, challenges and more features.

The Free Guy movie and Fortnite are soon going to be in a collaborative relationship. The official Fortnite Twitter account recently teased this collaboration. The Tweet reads,

“Hey Hot Saucer’s fam, got a weird one for you all. There have been increased reports of people around the Island suddenly being… nice to each other?

Getting in the line of fire for each other, helping with transportation and more. Something strange is going on.”

Fortnite data miners were quick to decrypt some of the challenges, free emotes, as well as a Free Guy skin. Below you can find info about all of them.

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Fortnite Free Guy Decrypted Skin:

The Free Guy’s recent trailer featured a buffed-up Ryan Reynolds called “DUDE”. Recently it was decrypted by Fortnite data miners. The Free Guy “DUDE” skin can be seen below-

You can watch the Free Guy “DUDE” trailer below-

YouTube video

Good Guys Emote:

There is also going to be a free “Good Guy” emote that can be obtained for free. Fortnite players will have to complete a set of challenges to acquire this free emote.

Fortnite x Free Guy Challenges:

The Fortnite x Free Guy challenges were also decrypted and go live shortly. The challenges will probably be live until September 6th so you have until then to complete these.

Ryan Reynolds Video in Fortnite:

After completing each stage of the Free Guy challenges Free Guy played by Ryan Reynolds is supposed to appear at the bottom of the screen and a short video will play.

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