Fortnite v17.10 Patch Notes: Alien Abductors, Parasites, Recon Scanner & UFO Nerf, Plus more

Fortnite recently released the v17.10 update and along with it a detailed patch note.

The new Fortnite 17.10 update just dropped recently and it introduced a lot of new mechanics, skins, and cosmetics to the game. These new changes honestly make it feel like almost a new season.

Recently Epic Games released patch notes for the Fortnite v17.10 update informing us about everything that’s new in the update. It’s been a long time since Epic put out a detailed patch note like this one.

Below you will find everything new added to the game with the Fortnite 17.10 update as well as an explanation of the important bits of the patch notes.

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Fortnite 17.10 Patch Notes:

Abductors take Players to the Alien Mothership:

Abductor spaceships now lurk around the map and sometimes abduct players and take them back to the Alien Mothership that’s looming over the Fortnite island.

“Abductors hover over certain places and… kind of just stay put. But only for a little while. After some time, it’ll send beams at the ground, taking away those who decide to walk in them. Some who claim to have been abducted say they were taken to the Mothership”

After being taken to the Alien Mothership Fortnite players are given some time to look for Orange Orbs. Collecting more orange orbs means better loot after coming back from the Mothership. Players can also collect Time Orbs to extend their stay on the Mothership.

The location of the abductors can be seen on the map and only a certain number of players can visit the mothership at one time.

“You can see the locations of Abductors on your map. They visit in cycles, so we recommend investigating them thoroughly each time they’re here. Because Abductors only have so much space, there’s a capacity as to how many one can abduct at once.”

Alien Parasites:

Alien Parasites can now be found all around the Fortnite map. These parasites attach themselves to Fortnite players and drain their health. But in return protect the players from headshot damage and make them jump higher and run faster.

“Known simply as Parasites, if one of these mini-Aliens attach to your head, they’ll drain your Health down to 60. (Shield remains unaffected.) But this relationship is more give-and-take than it seems. Not only do they protect you from headshot damage, but they also make you run faster and jump higher. Parasites have an aversion to water, fire, and, unsurprisingly, attacks.”

UFO and Recon Scanner Nerfs:

In the new update, the UFO’s fire rate has been reduced to make countering it easier. The Recon Scanner had its scan time reduced to 10 seconds and the recharge time increased to 20 seconds.

Battle Pass Super Level Styles:

The additional Super Styles for the Battle Pass skins have been added to the game and can now be unlocked with Battle Stars. This time around the Super styles are  Silver, Gold, and Prismatic and the skins that are getting these styles are Sunny, Guggimon, Zyg, Doctor Slone, and Rick Sanchez.

Bug Fixes:

Some of the major bugs that were fixed in the Fortnite 17.10 update are given below-

“1. Fixed an issue that allowed players to take damage through cars while in motion.

2. Fixed an issue that caused us to temporarily disable the ability to change loot pools in Battle Lab. This ability has been re-enabled.

3. Fixed an issue preventing Doctor Slone’s and Bunker Jonesy’s entries from completing in the Character Collection Book.”

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