Fortnite v17.10: All New Skins and Cosmetic Items

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games/ VastBlast Twitter

Fortnite v17.10 update introduced all-new summer-themed skins and other cosmetics items.

Epic Games recently released the v17.10 update and it’s just in time for the summer celebration. Starting today there will be 14 days of new challenges, minigames, quests in Fortnite. Players can earn free rewards by completing these challenges that unlock every day.

With the addition of the summer celebration, Epic also added a lot of summer-themed skins to the game files. Fortnite leakers managed to decrypt these files and give us a close-up look at these skins.

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Fortnite v17.10 New Skins and Cosmetics:


In this new update, we have a ton of new skins including skins that are summer-themed. In total, we have 9 new skins that were added in this update. Some of The new skins that were added in this update are Armored Batman Zero, Nitro Jerry, Beach Jules, Midsummer Midas.

The Midsummer Midas skin might be part of a pack that has to be bought with real money and will consist of three styles, pickaxe, wrap, and a loading screen.

We also have the Boardwalk Ruby, Human Bill, Thanos, Beach Brutus and Scuba Crystal Skin.

The Magma Legends Pack was also added to the game files containing three skins.

Below you can find in-game look of all the newly added skins in the Fortnite v17.10 update.

New Styles:

The Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass additional Super styles that were initially hidden. But in the 17.10 update, they have now been revealed.

Here is a better look at Sloane and Rick’s Super Styles.

Locker Bundles:

Fortnite v17.10 update added 4 new locker bundles and they are the “Ayo and Teo”, “Trippie Redd”, “Leven2k”, “G2 Coop” Locker Bundles.


Three new emotes were added in this new Fortnite update. They can be seen below.


These are the new pickaxes that were added in the Fortnite v17.10 update.


The newly added backblings can be seen in the Twitter post below.

Loading Screens:

Some new summer themed loading screens were added.


A total of 7 new sprays were added to the game files.

Lobby Music:

We don’t have much info about these lobby music at the moment but will update as soon as more info is available.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.