Fortnite Removes The Primal Flame Bow from Competitive Playlists

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

In a recent announcement, Fortnite has decided to remove the Primal Flame Bow from Competitive Playlists.

Fortnite Season 6 took the Fortnite map to the Primal age. Epic also added the Makeshift and Primal weapons to the loot pool. The Makeshift weapons could be upgraded to the Primal weapons using bones farmed from the surroundings and hunting animals.

Recently Epic introduced the start of the wild weeks with the Fighting Fire With Fire event. In the first week, fire weapons would be abundant in loot chests and ground loot. Fortnite released a detailed blog post explaining the Wild Weeks event.

“Starting today, May 6, 2021, the Island will see the arrival of Wild Weeks. Each week, a unique gameplay dynamic will be emphasized”

Additionally the Flare Fun was unvaulted and Fire damage was also increased.

“Fireflies and Flame Bows will heat up the action with their greater availability, and the Flare Gun from Chapter 2 Season 3 has made a rekindled return! It’s never been easier to set enemy structures ablaze, which is fitting when you consider this week’s Legendary Quest. Additionally, fire will deal more damage and spread faster than before.”

All this seems fun for the casual playlists but the problem occurred upon introducing these changes to the Competitive side of Fortnite.

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Primal Flame Bow removed from Competitive:

Chaos Ensued after Fortnite added the Wild Weeks modifiers to the Competitive FNCS tournament. Every player was running around with flame weapons and abusing the increased flame damage. But the most prevalent weapon was the Primal Flame Bow which can hold up to 31 ammo.

Many Fortnite players complained that they could not qualify because of the abuse of the Primal Flame Bow. Players voiced their opinion on Social Media to have the Primal Flame Bow removed from competitive Fortnite.

Seems like Fortnite has finally listened to the competitive community and decided to remove the Primal Flame Bow from competitive Fortnite.

A recent post from Fortnite Status announced the news of the removal of the Primal Flame Bow. The announcement reads,

“The Primal Flame Bow has been removed from Competitive playlists.”

Fortnite also attached a disclaimer in the comments,

“Due to this change, you may have to restart your game to be able to craft Primal Fire Bows and Mechanical Bows in Core modes after playing in a Competitive mode.”

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.