Former G2 Esports player ‘Goga’ returns to competitive Rainbow Six Siege

Two-time Rainbow Six Invitational winner ‘Goga’ has returned to the competitive scene with the Spanish organization of Movistar Riders.

In June 2021, Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero officially announced his retirement from the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene after surprisingly being benched by Team Vitality. Back then Goga stated that he lacked the motivation to continue playing Siege daily as a pro-player.

But it seems like things have now turned around for Goga, as he has found the passion to play competitively once again.

In the Siege community, Goga is widely known as one of the best support players in the game. During his time with the G2/Penta roster, Goga won three Pro League titles, one international Six Major, and two Six Invitationals. He was a crucial member of Siege’s most dominating roster, which slowly crumbled as G2 Esports dropped Goga after the Raleigh Major.

Now, Goga will be returning to his home turf, as he wants to start a brand-new journey with a Spanish team.

Movistar Riders have lost three back-to-back Spain Nationals Grand Finals and will now look to break this trend with the star player of Goga. Alongside Goga’s announcement, the org has also updated that Luann “Couto” Couto will be leaving the R6 roster. This means the organization is still looking for a fifth player to join their Rainbow Six Siege squad.

Movistar Riders’ R6S Roster:

  •  Jordi “FOSKITo” Bodro
  •  Gabriel “Billordo” Billordo
  •  Óscar “Kuriboh” Puerma
  •  Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero

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