FNAF: Security Breach – How To Get The Bowling Ticket

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Here is how you can find the Bowling Ticket.

Exploring in FNAF: security Breach is fun as well as rewarding. However, exploring areas can be challenging as you need to get specific items to access certain areas. The game also has many different upgrades and items scattered across the game for you to find. It can be tough to find these items, so we have made a complete guide on getting the Bowling Ticket.

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How to Get the Bowling Ticket

You will first need the party pass to get inside the Fazer Blast to start this mission. And when you have the Party Pass, head over to the Red Garage door and enter the Fazer Blast after talking with the staff bot. Furthermore, after you are inside, take a left, and you will see two doors. One of these doors will have a “No Entry” sign on top and the other with an empty Blue Sign.

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Continue the mission by going inside the Blue Sign door and entering the last door to the right inside the Blue Door. You will now be inside the Security room, with a recharging station and the Security badge. Collect the Level 5 Security Badge and go right. Moreover, you will see a gift box waiting for you with the Bowling Ticket inside it.

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