FNAF: Security Breach: How To Get The Freddy Photo Pass

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Here is how you can get the Freddy Photo Pass in FNAF.

Like every other item in Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach, the Freddy Photo Pass plays an important role. The Freddy Photo pass will let you access Freddy from his room. Players can find this Photo Pass pretty quickly if they keep a lookout when they jump in the game. Furthermore, we have made a complete guide on how to get the Freddy Photo Pass.

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How to Get the Freddy Photo Pass in FNAF

To begin the hunt for the Photo Pass, you will first need to get to Freddy’s room. From there, turn around and go straight and then turn right to see the big rollup door. This door will automatically open as you approach it, and you will be able to crawl inside the gap. After you go inside the hole and come out of the other side, look for a present near a poster of Freddy inside an Astronaut Helmet.

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You will find the Freddy Photo Pass and finally access Freddy’s room inside the present. After that, you will get Freddy and can use him as your transport to safely move around and explore the Pizzaplex.

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