FNAF: Security Breach: Best Ways To Hide In the Game

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Here are some of the best ways to hide in FNAF.

Hiding is a massive part of Five Nights at FreFreddy: Security Breach. Just like all its previous games, this one also has a lot of hiding spots for you to get out of tricky situations. Avoiding animatronics is also an efficient way to keep yourself alive in the game. So we have made a complete guide on the best ways to hide in Five Nights At Freddy’s.

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Best Ways to Hide yourself in FNAF

Before we tell you about ways to hide in the game, first, you will have to understand the game mechanics. The first thing is understanding how the sneak meter works in the game. The outline’s color at the bottom will change based on your detection level. Blue means that you are undetected, yellow means animatronics are looking for you, and red means you have been found.

It is not that easy to avoid detection from animatronics as they will notice if you run in front of them or make some noise beside them. It is, however, easy to sneak past S.T.A.F.F robots, and players will have to avoid bumping into them or getting in their line of sight.


As the main character Gregory, you can hide in many small places. These places include lockers, strollers, laundry carts, etc. However, make sure that the animatronics do not see you entering the area whenever you hide inside a spot, or you will be caught.

The last and probably the best option is hiding inside or using Freddy to go around the Pizzaplex. The only animatronic who can capture and detect Gregory when inside Freddy is Moondrop. Apart from him rest of the animatronics will not grow suspicious of you.

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