FNAF: Security Breach: How to Find Freddy in Raceway Sub Lobby

Here is how you can get past the stack of Boxes in FNAF.

After successfully getting the Screwdriver from the Lost and Found room, you will need to get to the Atrium. After you reach the Artium, you will need to find a stack of boxes to go Freddy. This part of the gameplay can be tough to understand. So we have made a complete guide on how to find Freddy in the Raceway Sub Lobby.

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How to find Freddy in Raceway Sub Lobby

As soon as you get out of the vent, make a run of the stairs in front of you. Head over to the Elevator ahead to get to the Atrium. After you reach the Atrium, turn left and go along the walkway. Moreover, you will see a save button on the left of this path, along with a few patrolling bots. Keep on moving with this path till you see a large red rollup door with blue stars beside it.

Then crawl inside the rollup door as it will open and follow the path after coming out of the rollup door. Keep following until you reach a large crate and a yellow forklift. Now turn 90 degrees, and you will see the boxes mentioned in the missions. Furthermore, now all you have to do is jump up the boxes and get inside the gap inside the wall behind them. You will see Freddy lying on the ground of this room.

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