Riot Is Fixing A Massive Ranked Bug In Patch 14.3

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Riot is finally fixing the notorious Ranked bug in Patch 14.3.

The Ranked mode is an essential part of the League of Legends ecosystem. It is the game mode that motivates most of the players to keep playing the game. Whether to reach the highest rank possible, AKA Challenger or to play for the rewards, there’s no denying its impact on the game.

Thus, to keep the players even more motivated, Riot adds improvements to the Ranked mode each season. For season 14, Riot implemented a bunch of new upgrades to ranked mode, including the implementation of the new matchmaking system called “Trueskill2“.

Trueskill2 has replaced League of Legends‘ prior ELO-based matchmaking system. According to Riot, the new system will be able to detect a player’s real skill level considerably more accurately than the ELO system, leading to a far superior matchmaking and ranked experience for players.

After experiencing the system for a whole month, most players would agree with Riot, too. The matchmaking is much better in most skill brackets, LP gains are smoother, and matches are less one-sided.

However, being a new system, it is bound to have some issues, and the current issue of the system stems from a very frustrating bug. There’s currently a bug that places newer players in much higher ranks than they are supposed to. For example, new players who have played only placement games are immediately placed in Gold 2 despite their MMR being much lower. This results in them getting massive negative LP gains until they drop to Bronze/Silver.

This problem has led many newer players to have terrible experiences during their ranked journey. Thus, for Patch 14.3, Riot is finally fixing the bug and adding further improvements to the system.

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Patch 14.3 Ranked Changes

Here are all the Ranked changes coming in Patch 14.3,

Initial Placement Bugs

One of the biggest problems with the current Ranked system was the Placement bugs. Due to the bug, new players were placed in higher ranks than they were supposed to, but their MMR remained the same. This resulted in players getting massive negative LP gains until they dropped to lower ranks.

Riot will finally fix the bug in Patch 14.3, which should make the new players’ rank experience much smoother.

Tier Boundary Demotions

Players who have lost too many games at tier boundaries are sometimes put in states where they have negative LP despite having over 50% win rate. Riot is looking to fix the LP gains of such players in the upcoming Patch.

Moreover, Riot feels that the current Demotion system is far too lenient, so they will be making sure it is not as lenient.

D1/Masters LP Gains

There are some players, about 2%, according to Riot, who are getting negative LP gains in the D1/Masters bracket. Riot will be fixing these issues, but it will require about 30 games for their LP gains to stabilize.

Release Date

The aforementioned Ranked changes are coming out in Patch 14.3, which is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

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