FaZe Jev Shared His Opinion on Why Shipment Should Arrive Early in Modern Warfare 2

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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FaZe Jev shared his opinion on why the Shipment map is a necessary addition before Warzone 2. He is currently the fastest camo grinder in the community, making Shipment an essential map for his grind.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduced a challenge-based camo system. Players could unlock Gold camo by unlocking weapon challenges and Platinum camo by unlocking Gold camo for a particular class. Lastly, players could unlock the “Damascus” camo by unlocking Platinum for all weapon classes and Gold on every base weapon in the game.

The camo grind on normal maps made it tedious for regular players until the Shipment map was added to the game. It is a map that has a long legacy. Furthermore, it has been a part of most CoD titles since its inception in MW (2007). Based on this, FaZe Jev has shared his opinion on why the Shipment should be added to MW2 before Warzone 2’s release.

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FaZe Jev on Shipment Map

In a recent video, Jev discussed why Shipment had been a lifesaver for him in the camo grind. He is known for completing long camo grinds. Furthermore, he was one of the few content creators to unlock the Damascus camo before BOCW’s release.

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The camo grind in MW (2019) was incredibly time-consuming, and large maps were not making it more accessible. On the contrary, the Shipment made it easier for average players to progress through the camo challenges in a short time frame.

With Warzone 2’s release date of November 16, most players will get only three weeks to grind out their camos. So, Shipment’s addition ahead of Warzone 2’s release will be a stress reliever for most regular players.

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